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fertilizer Advice on how to use my fertilizer?


I purchased this product to use as fertilizer on my plants:


It is 12-4-8

The directions say to mix 1/3 of a cap full in 2 gallons of water and apply.

How should I use it on my plants? It's liquid, so I plan to apply it foilar and in water.
I have Fish Fertilizer its about 9-6-2 make sure you mix it as directed and you dont really need to use it as often maybe every other week, and if you do foliar try doing it early in the morning like real early i guess plants start to close up there pores when the sun comes out
Ive had very successful results with urea over the years (truly) but ive never tried doing a poo on my plants?

Human fertilizer, now there's a thought? i know in the UK they take all the raw sewage from treatment plants & the farmers spray it all over there crops.

I always wondered my Broccoli tastes like shit.

"Night soil"... :sick: They do it in other countries too.

There's no way in hell you would ever catch me dropping a bog on my plants. I wouldn't even care if it turned out to be the best thing for 'em........
Haaa, "Dropping a Bog"

Hey Bill iv just started using miracle grow the other week to compare with last years fertz, mine is in a packet & you mix it in with water & just water away as normal, says on my packet "works in two ways, absorption through leaves & roots"



Is 1/2 strength a rule that should be always adhered to, or do you bump it up to full-strength at some point?
If youre just starting babies out Id do 1/4 strength. Especially if ypu have other goodies to throw in the mix. Such as worm tea, cal mag and such


Nah.. they are nowhere near babies.

Most are 2-3 months old, 5+ sets of true leaves, and 1-2' tall.

Just transplanting them to mulch that doesn't include fertilizer for the first time.
i really dont like the ratio, way too much n. thats the miracle grow and scotts route, make the plant look pretty without actually doing anything. with that said ya it will work but from what I read high n will decrease the hotness in peppers and the higher values can lead to burn. personally i would stick more to a tripple or close to a trippl like 333 or 555 or somewhere around that area.

anywho it will work, but use at 1/4 or 1/2 strength first if they do well you can always add more but more than likely full strength will be fine...anywho thats my 2c but personally stay away from high n as it is needed by the plant but is really for grass and does little for structural build of the plants but it makes them pretty!

Although dog and cat manure both contain organic nutrients useful to plants, neither is safe to use in soil containing food crops. Both contain parasitic pathogens that are harmful to human health. Dog manure can contain the eggs of Toxocara canis (the common large roundworm), which can also infect humans. It's estimated that 90% of young puppies are infected with this worm-many are born infected-and up to 50% of all adult dogs. The eggs can be transferred to the human mouth by a person's fingers or from foods that have been in contact with dog feces. Toxocara eggs can remain viable in the soil for up to 10 years depending on environmental conditions. Because no information is known on the effects hot composting has on Toxocara eggs, it also unsafe to add dog manure to compost heaps intended for food crops.

Ummm... I take my dog to the Vet a lot... I'm pretty sure he does not have round worms.. But, should I throw out the onions anyways? .. If so... that will suck because they have been down for about 2 months

After reading more... I will throw the onions out today.. Better to be safe than sorry....

If I dig up all the dog poop and put down new dirt... Do you think it will be safe to plant something else in that spot?
It's estimated that 90% of young puppies are infected with this worm-many are born infected
So, these roundworms are in the intestines of a pregnant mother chowing down on all the delicious feces they can eat. They get bored, decide to leave the paradise of Bowelhalla, and start burrowing their way to the uterus through flesh and bone, where they infect the empty digestive tract of a fetus and wait a few months for more food?

Also, 173% of statistics are unreliable.

You'd know if your dog has worms, I wouldn't worry about it.

It's probably not worth the miniscule risk of doing it again, but I wouldn't discard a crop over it.
Yeah, actually, I will agree that it probably wasn't the best article to reference. The fact is though, miniscule or not, the risk is still there. I just thought I would warn.