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AHayastani's GLOG 2022


🌴 Welcome to my GLOG!

🌴 I have a small urban terrace garden where I grow mainly peppers in containers. My location is Chiapas, Mexico. The local climate is tropical with pronounced dry and rainy seasons. The temperatures can sometimes be too much for the plants to bear (especially around Easter), but in general they manage. The climate makes that I can grow peppers year round, although pest pressure is really high. Especially mites are a problem... I apply neem oil copiously, but it does not always work...

🌴 This GLOG will follow my 2022 pepper endeavours. Enjoy πŸ₯΅


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Nice recovery @ahayastani! Good luck and
here’s hoping for better weather in the up-
coming season.

My Mazateca plant never really got off the
ground, but after a slow start, the Diente de
Perro is setting lots of nice little 1-2cm pods
(berries?). No ripe ones yet, but am looking
forward to seeing some ripe ones for a taste
test when we get home from visiting our new
granddaughter er in Carmel.

Sorry about your plants, seems like a number
of grows have a few rough edges this season.


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"Teeth". The best phenotypes look a lot like canine teeth. Size is indeed about 1-2cm, with a curved apex.
Exactly the way they look, Dieter, at
least the majority of them. What kind
of heat profile should I be expecting?