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Sorry guys, been flat out lately. I'll have it in the post over the weekend.


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Seeds went out to RaelThomas this afternoon, apologies for the delay.
I have added a few new varieties, Flat Leaf Parsley seeds, and some Aji Pineapple powder (enough to share) which I've found great on salads. 
I'm pulling out of the train and am happy for my seeds to be taken by those that want them. 
Thanks to all that have contributed, and to TBG for organizing the train in the first place.  :P
Well done guys,
No worries. Good to hear the train is still chugging!

So it'll go from you to hotrod, to LocalFart, pcweirdness and then the normal route. I don't think anyone's disappeared....
The train has arrived back here!
Should call it the Indian-Pacific :D

So what do we do next?
I can't remember if there is anyone who hasn't had their second round, speak up if so!
Shall we put the train on the shelf until next year, and start it back up at the same time (or a bit earlier), or make it a perpetual train?
If we were to go perpetual, I think we should start a new thread, make it less confusing, and brush up on how it functions, etc, and hopefully get some more riders!
What do you guys all think?
Thanks all for the contributions, my grow is heavily a product of your generosity! :party:
Hey All,
I stumbled across this post just today and thought I should raise my hand and ask if the train has well and truly left the station for this year, or there's still an opportunity to catch it ?
Reasoning is two fold:
1) I sowed a fair portion of my stock earlier this year, and it has been a dismal failure .... which is to say I don't have much left of my desired types, and
2) When I was deciding what to sow, I thought to myself there is alot of stuff I have got in trade and so forth that quite frankly I will never use and I cant bring myself to throw it out (surely there's a better way).
and hey presto I found the Aussie Seed Train !
So, can we steer it toward Adelaide by any chance ?
Seeing as things have quieted down on the front, and the train is currently at my stop, I'd say I can send it off to you sometime soon, if that works.
Are you looking at sowing again for this season, or is it too late?
Unless anyone has a problem with it, I think we should make the seed train perpetual, and start a new thread for it.
Have it rolling around all year, folks can sign up for it, and they'll be put into the route where they fit best, and they'll be able to have a go at the package when it rolls around to them. Folks can drop off/on at any time. 
Let me know what you all think and if you have any suggestions, TBG.
Most definitely plan to sow again this season, if only to have plants to protect over winter and continue from there, so much so I have ordered some special goodies from the US - two of which are Judy's creations I have been waiting for over the last three years !
A perpetual train is quite a good idea I think, and to add diversity I'll bag up some samples of my flaked superhots, which are predominantly infanaga and choc bhut jolokia. Perhaps we could collectively twist SR's arms to also add small samples/tasters of his sauces because they are damn good.
I'll PM my address when you are good to go.