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All things chicken by nature...

Let me just start by saying, I cannot believe there isn't a chicken thread here. I'll fix that!
Opening my mail today, I found a care package from Mr. Romy. The sheer heat of the box inspired me to go crazy on a pack of massive boneless skinless chicken breasts sitting in my freezer...
So I took one, butterflied it, stuffed it with Colby Jack cheese, spinach, chopped garlic, and a particularly mean looking red pepper that looked like a blockhead brain. Chucked it in the oven for about 20 minutes at 375 then sprinkled some shredded colby on it as I let it set for its 15 minutes before annihilation, and take a look at what came out...

This chicken right here looks like one of the foodimals on Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2! I almost thought it was going to eat me before I got a chance to eat him!
See what you made me do Jamie?  :fireball:
cool i found this thread cause i had no idea where i was going to post this.  way too much booze was enjoyed but no picks.  was going to be a big ass burrito but to much cooking and couldnt roll the shell.  so here she is.
this was leftover moroccan chicken ripped up with some rice a raw egg and lots of frwsh garlic and powdered garlic. i crap load of valentinos some a1 sauce some sicmix powder and lucky dog black.and lots of cheddar inside and out. a little lettuce just to get all my nutrients ;)

cut in half and threw some ranch dressing on top just for good measure