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Aminopyralid(Grazon /HL) concerns

So I try real hard to be as organic as possible with soil/potting mix, repurposing organic material thru composting etc. and using natural insect control practice's. Has been that way since '79 when I was a volunteer at Rodales.
With that said- I've expended my compost and leaf mold for this season rejuvenating beds. Not a problem, I'll just go get some composted cow manure and fork it in and add it in my potting mix. Nooop , now this. The Black Kow product even lists it's presence. So is all grazing manure subjected to exposure and can it be listed as organic with this present. So I see +/-6 major brands, are any free of let alone other herbicides such as Pasturegard, 24d and Weedmaster (diacamba and 24d).
I'm ready to pack into the huge area of ol growth oak and beech I used to hunt and bag humus at least for my potting mix.
We used to test for herbicides using radish seeds, etc. to prove germination but as I understand Aminopyralid shows on the second set of leaves. The biggest concern is my 3yo Grandsons interest in gardening, the contact with soil, straw etc. is major with a 3yo. There's some about this on the forum but just general info.
What's the concenceus and % of people that have dealt with manure or bedding straw. Thanks?
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