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auction Another wicked ass pod auction hosted by! Ending soon! Closed! Thanks scarekrow

I just finished picking and decided theres enough interest that I'm going to auction off one hell of a box of pods. A few of these are elite strains and these are the best looking pods I have at the moment. All pods were grown in 100% organic hand built supersoil by yours truly and are extremely hot. This box is not for amateurs because you will get burnt if your not carefull.. Just a fair warning!

Payment will be accepted VIA PayPal only before the pods are mailed Tuesday. I will drop them at the post office before work so I'm asking payment is made asap after close. Opening bid will be $75 dollars and bidding starts soon as this edit is posted. Auction ends August 22nd at 11:59 Pm CST! USA only please..

Enough rambling lets get to the goods.

The whole haul

Boxes will be posted from left to right in accordance with the picture of "The whole haul" and all boxes will be sealed and packed with labels so you know what is what!

Box 1 Genghis Khan brains

Box 2 Yellow Primo and Orange Long Tail Scorpions

Box 3 CPR and Apocolypse

All The CPR are wicked with stingers! These are just a few of them I grabbed..

Box 4 7 Pot Brainstrain

Box 5 Strsl x Bbg Orange f1

Box 6 Chocolate Primo

Box 7 Douglah

Box 8 SRTSL (Extremely hot)

Box 9 Mustard Moruga Brains and Borg9

Box 10 Brazilian Moruga

Now as a bonus I will be adding 20 PHANTOM seeds and a packet of PECAN SMOKED PHANTOM powder. Seeds are yours to do what you please and will be for sale here soon enough. If you don't know what PHANTOM is feel free to watch Brads review of it. It is not one of his wild and crazy vids either. Its more informational of this pepper and its origin!

I wish you all the best of luck and would like to thank everyone in advance. Also thank you for all the love I get via pms here and on fb. You guys make this game worth it and I use my mad skills to do it for you!

All proceeds will go towards next years grow!

Thank you again
Mike Hess
mpicante said:
This could get interesting.Mike do you have a list?
No not yet.. I haven't been outside much today. Likely CPR,yellow primo, red primo, chocolate primo, Apocolypse, Genghis khan, srtsl, srtsl x bbg orange and Brazilian moruga to name a few.. Just not positive how much of what ill have. Maybe orange long tail scorp too..
Hi Chica! You have to open for $75.00 to officially kick it off.This one is gonna be harder the BIG GUNS are out for this one.Good luck.I like your style.
Holm10us said:
How can I follow this . Don't want to miss out when the bidding starts
When you leave a comment there's a little box you can check that says follow topic. Reply to this comment if you want and it should pop up before you submit the post. That way you will get notifications every time someone posts

Welcome to thp btw!