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pod Another year, another gift.


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Got these from wife’s grandfather (his neighbor grew them. Same scenario that brought me to join this AMAZING forum!). Was thinking orange scotch bonnet and white habanero (they were creamy white, but got left one counter for a week or so {not by me}). But size seems off for that id. I think? Both have good flavor and heat, Opinions?



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This type of ID can be a bit of a crapshoot, but I'd guess orange habanero for the first. As I think NECM may be alluding, it looks like #2 might lack an annular constriction - so possibly other than chinense for the second. It looks to me as though it might be an annuum, though again, it's pretty tough to call these from one pod - especially a picture of one pod. But hey, sometimes that adds a little more fun to growing it out.
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