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Any Hi-Fi geeks here?

Just curious. Love to discuss hi-fi setups, music, etc...

There is nothing like good music, good food, and good wine/beer/liquor
B&W's with Mac Monoblocks, would that count? :-D
Love the imaging and flat response with the warmness of tubes.
Looking to get a home sub that has very tight response with a minimum 24 dB/Oct slope at 60 Hz crossover in the future. Do you have any good experiences with particular brands of subs that are super-tight (I listen to a lot of organwerks)


I am a die Hard Klipsch fan...

Have a look...


The SW-450 is a great middle of the road SW'r. 5 star.
I still have my Polk SDA 2B's that I bought back in '87.
Still a phenominal sounding speaker after 25 years in my opinion.

Loved those Polks! They were on my short list for purchase around that time. I wound up with a pair of Infinity RSMs. It was a decision I regretted later.

In my current setup, it's all several years old now, but it took me a while to find what I was looking for. I wound up with a pair of Athena FS2 speakers (and the rest of the 5.1 system): http://www.athenaspeakers.com/products/as-f2-overview/ They actually kinda blew me away. I had some Dynaudio floor standing speakers in mind that cost well over 3 times as much, but after hearing the Athenas, I couldn't justify spending the extra money. They are the most bang for the buck speakers I've ever heard.

For amplification, I got rid of the separates, looking for something flexible enough to run a great AV system, as well as just good listening. I wound up with a Denon 5803 receiver. It's almost 10 years old, but it's an amazing piece of technology. I haven't missed the separates at all. Although I'm quite happy with the current state of BluRay/CD digital technology, I do want to get a good turntable. I still have quite a large collection of vinyl I haven't heard for years. It would be great to have the luxury of that again.
4 cabs and an amp count?
Pair of Yamaha's with 15's and a pair of Ross's with 12's.

Only pushing them with an Alesis RA 100 though.
Plenty loud enough for casual head banging.

Of course, the tunes come out of an Maudio 10/10 and through a little Zoom R16 first.

Of course, if I want to strum a bit, the git is plugged into any of several virtual processors, or a GSP 2101 studio tube preamp/processor rack unit.
I have a bud that swear by them. He gets a SMOKIN' VH tone out of it, as well as what he uses for his own stuff. I've played through his, but never owned one. Kinda hard to find, and they can get pretty pricey on Flea Bay.

I've had an ADA MP-2 that I'm quite content with. It doesn't have near the programmability that the 2101 has, but it works great for a nice basic tube tones. I bought an outboard processor for delay/reverb fx.
I love Hi Fi. Owned a cryo company and did lot's of freezing for the hifi junkies here in FR. Me, I tricked out everything. Have a DV-09 Pioneer with hotrodded electronics from the pwer supply, clock, and outputs. Bottlehead tube amp for headphones, and then have some Salk Sound handbuilt speakers with an Audio Alchemy OM150 dual mono. Old and classic, but serious sound. Now I'm too poor to think about that stuff, but it all still works, and I've got it all running on a transformer for the 115V conversion. Still have a cryo machine, but too expensive to run it over here. This site rocks. Pepper growers worldwide are some cool as Mo-fo's!
I find it difficult to compare my other home audio setups to this.


1400w 12" sub, 2-10", 4-6", 2-4" We have used it for outdoor parties the sound quality is amazing.