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Anybody grown both?: Aji Cito & Lemon

Grew Aji Cito last year which were freebie seeds from Judy (PL) They quickly became a daily harvest and eat pepper, Tasted kinda like a sweet grassy snow pea-like flavor when still green, and a little less grassy with enhanced sweetness and citrus lemon zest tone when ripe. Cant believe I left it off the list so i have to choose between two lemon or cito.
Never have grown Aji lemon..
My question is regarding Aji lemon, always hear good things about this pepper but already have gone too big on this years grow,
I would just like to get some opinions comparing the two if possible
Cheers, Dean
If you grew one Aji verity and it did well, expect to see the others do well as well.
Very slight chance of one or two verity may not do well in your area depending how sensitive the plant is
There are TONS of videos of people reviewing Aji Lemon. It's spot on.
It has Medium heat - Hotter than pineapple and mago
one of the sweetest hot peppers (sweeter than most)
CMJ said:
I like your description of Aji Cito. I may add it to my list for next year.
I would definitely recommend it, Have since been told the lemon slightly edges out the cito in regards to sweetness but lacks the punch and higher SHU Aji Cito has. This sounds inline with what i had imagined (without actually trying the Aji Lemon).
I will just grow Aji lemon for the experience this year, skipping Aji Cito and next season maybe have a less ambitious grow list with less superhots and more room for peppers i can actually stomach.  :liar:
P.s The powder from Aji Cito was/is absolutely amazing, Just the thought of the aroma and flavor makes me salivate. 
I only have a small amount left... Shouldn't have given so much away lol
Cheers, Dean.
Ive grown both and ive grown both in the same season. Cito was hotter but mine were not nearly as hot as ive seen posted. Both are good producers but my lemon drops produced more. I prefer the lemon drop flavor fresh but the cito made a better hot sauce IMO.
Ive grown the lemon drops from 2 vendors and from my own seeds. All of them were super similar in all regards. Very predictable heat range, production, plant/pod size ect ect. Just not all that fussy of a plant to grow. You may end up with a buttload of green pods when the season is ending. They make a killer hot vinegar. Mine had pods all the way until the first frost. I was almost sick of picking them i had so many ripe pods and im not very fond of them green.