flavor Anyone from around Lakeland want to do some taste testing of superhots?

A few years ago some guys got together for the guys night out and would go to a local eating establishment and watch Monday night football. Last year, some of us would bring hot peppers for everyone to try out. Well, there is no MNF right now, but that has given rise to "spicy Monday", just for the sake of hanging out. I'm sure there will be some sort of sports on that night on the big TVs but what we do now is cut up some hot peppers, give anyone a chance to sample the fresh ones ( and of course, torch up anyone who is new at the bar who claims they can eat hot food, which is always a very good time, by us anyway) and then when everyone has had what they wanted, we get the guys out back to fry up a mixed basket of peppers, which is REALLY good. Not as hot as the fresh ones. Anyway, I got my yellow brain strains in today, so this Monday, we will be doing some taste comparisons. We will be trying yellow 7 pods and the yellow brains to see if there really is any kind of difference. There will be Butch Ts and Morugas to compare ( I was hoping to have at least one red brain to compare with), and I'll bring in a couple of nagas that could be compared with the Bhut Jolokias.
There is only about 12 places right at the bar but plenty of more room close enough to the bar, so I'll throw this out to the group. You read about all these different peppers on the forum, but wouldn't you like the chance to try a bunch of these for free? Where do you get a chance like that? Well, we usually start coming in about 7:30, but by about 8:15 or so, we start thinking about having them fried, so if you can make it around then, PM me and I can give you the details on where to come out. (It's in north Lakeland) We ARE at a place that is doing regular business, so you should at least buy a beer, or drink, or whatever, but at least the peppers are free. Unless a couple of us just can't come for some reason, we pretty much do this every Monday, so if it doesn't work out this time, we do this a lot, but we may not be doing as much taste testing as we will be doing this Monday. I've never had a yellow brain yet and neither has anyone else there, so you always got to try something new, right? Also, if you are afraid were going to make you down a whole pepper or something don't worry, but heh, if you want to do it, there will be one to do. :hell: