Anyone make their own homemade andouille sausage?

I've been experimenting with Cajun spices and I'm looking for the perfect spice blend and process. I've tried with uncured pork, venison, rabbit, chicken, all good but I'd like to try some others' recipes. I've done with casings and simple bulk sausage, to me it doesn't matter much, I use Andouille in dishes, not as a stand-alone.
If you have a special Cajun spice mix, please also share...
Hell Yeah I'm in on this. Love making sausage at home. Have a very nice LEM GRINDER with foot pedal. Need more recipes and Andouille is one of my favorites. Lets go gang any of our Cajun Brothers or Sisters have any secrets to share were listening   
Vodu said:
I have always used this one:
Their tasso recipe is good as well:
Definitely interested in others.
I agree with the "stuff they sell in the grocery stores here in Michigan is a joke" comment, it is the same here. I live in Bland White Sauce Land, and to have good, well spiced fare, one either has to order from H.E.B online or make your own. 
His recipe is close to some I've tried, but cayenne doesn't have enough flavor for me. I wouldn't mind it heated up either. I made a venison brat last year with 3 cheeses, wild rice, garlic and 50% fatty pork butt, and as an added delight added powdered lemon drop. Besides heat it lent a slight component of flavor that no one could quite put their finger on, but made for a nice dog....I was thinking aji this time around... 
Man, I gotta dig around for my sausage recipes. It's been a while since I've made andouille.

One thing I find really important is you can't just grind the whole should hand chop about half, or a third, of your pork, and mix that in after you grind everything else. And stuff into beef casings if you got them. (The local meat market uses twist ties to seal theirs up, but they're the best anyway)