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Anyone own an Ambient Weater Station?

Always wanted one... would be cool. The is a site on the net where people have theirs uploaded so maybe ya can just find one near ya... can't seem to find the link right now.
can you build these things piecemeal? id imagine all the sensors are available individually. i think it would be cool to have all that data pushed out to your phone/pc.
a lightning detector would be cool to.
I like it Mike...don't know anything about it other than what it said at the link..I like the "real time" function...if it will store the data in real time and I can compile it that would be cool...

I've been reading reviews off and on all day, as well as looking at other stations. LaCrosse has one comparatively priced, but too many bad reviews. One neat thing, as a newspaper publisher with a web site, I can write the entire thing off my taxes, since it connects to the Weather Underground and will give me the ability to display local conditions 24/7/365. It would be advantageous if the wind and rain gauges were remote sensors, ones I could mount on the chimney. Or just a remote temp/humidity sensor I could stick closer to the ground.

Given the weather we have had in the last five days (as much as 7" of rain in spots, winds above 100 mph) wild temp swings - typical weather in Cincinnati in the spring) I would have loved to log everything.

Mike...please send some of your rain south...the folks just to the west of me are suffering horribly with all the fires...news said we are in one of the worst droughts in over 50 years...only have gotten 4.5" since January 1....

Yeah, Fox News has been reporting on it all day. Meanwhile, up here it is suppose to be nice today and then rain - at times very heavily, for the next seven days. We will break the record for the wettest April ever.

I own a PWS and upload my data to NOAA and weather underground. My station can be found here:


The station is a Davis Vantage Pro2, and has been collecting data since January 2007.

More info on the Davis products:

I ordered the Ambient today. Not sure where I will put the wind monitor unless it is on top of my house.

Looking forward to hooking it up, logging the data and posting it to the Weather Wunderground!

I really don't know - but if a Smart phone can access a site, I presume they can read the data. Hopefully, in a week, the station will be up and operating!

It arrived today and is transmitting data as it should, though I need to locate a compass and set the directions for wind.

The one thing I have not been able to figure out is how to upload the date to Wunderground. DLed all kinds of software but haven't got over this last task.