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Anyone using Tulle Fabric for isolation?

I've used both tulle and netting to wrap the cages and isolate plants. The tulle has much smaller spaces so virtually no 'bugs' can bother the plant.  The netting allows more air flow.  If I had to purchase more, I'd probably buy the less expensive netting - in green.
You got me Paul! Wow was that just a month ago or more? I completely forgot about those paint strainers. I am liking the Tulle at the moment! Haha

The reason for the question is I am trying to isolate some Wild Peppers in order to re-supply Mike with seeds. I got a bunch from him last year and was hoping to help him out.

Hope your grow is moving along good?

I use red. Have used red, blue, and white and found red seems to inhibit flowering. I fold a large piece and sew the sides then put it over the plant(that is in a 5 gallon bucket) and tie around the top lip of the bucket to secure it.