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shopping Are there any respectable places to get Carolina Reaper seeds or plants from Northern Illinois?

I know I can order seeds from Puckerbutt, apparently the only online place well known to sell actual reapers after Pepper Joe's got sold off, and that a lot of places claim to have Carolina Reapers and other superhots but they are actually something else, but is anyone aware of any places in Illinois that sell the seeds or even young plants of Reapers and other superhots?
i have 2 Carolina reapers, i can ship from Norway if needed i have no clue what shipping would cost but probably not that much if it weights little as few seeds will do, so i could send some seeds away once the reaper pepper turn red probably shouldn't take so long before it does as its been green for a while now, i tried to eat a piece of a green reaper and it defiantly kicked hard for a while