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Are these eggs good or bad?

Anybody know what kind of eggs these are? do I leave them or kill them? I know they're not aphid eggs.


chrispick77 said:
I know you say they aren't but they do look like aphid eggs.
I thought aphid eggs were clear and round. Either way, I removed that leaf from the plant. I'll Google it quick. Thanks for your help!
chrispick77 said:
I know you say they aren't but they do look like aphid eggs.
You must have some pretty big aphids over there.  Those eggs are bigger than any aphids than I've had in my garden.  In fact, each of those eggs is the size of my biggest aphids.
solid7 said:
Deer flies are pesky a-holes, that have a super painful bite.  Like miniature horseflies, but they hurt just as bad when they get you.  And they follow you around, relentlessly...
Kill them always.  No benefit, whatsoever. (unless you're a masochist)
Thanks Solid!

Any info on these guys I found in July?
The top one looks like the fly that is responsible for depositing leaf miners.  No real big deal.
The second one looks like a leaf hopper. 
Neither are beneficial, but unless you see a large presence, I wouldn't sweat it.  At least they're interesting looking.
PtMD989 said:
I bet the deer flies don’t even bother you, being from da UP ,eh ?[emoji16]

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Lol, ive never really noticed them much, but the horse fly's this year were insane... Not only were there tons of them, but they were huge! Worst I've ever seen them.
When the horse flies/deer flies are bad on the Meramec river its a nightmare. There is no running away when you are standing in waste deep water fishing for smallies. Your only option is to swat them after they land on you. Hope you are fast enough to not get bit. They can bite through a t-shirt. On the gravel bar its not as bad. Your hands are not full and you can move faster. We started getting those paddles with a rubber band and ball attached as swatter. Small rackets work really well too but they are not easy to carry while wading or cheap.
We see them mostly at the peak of the summer heat and during the hottest time of the day. They dont give up when they have decided you are LUNCH.