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pod Are these scotch bonnets?

Two plants… both seeds from same packet, labeled as Yellow Scotch Bonnets.
Not sure if they are- but they sure do look different! Let me know your thoughts, please!

First two pics are plant one. Second plant has lighter green pods in a different shape.


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@MamaRob05 the pod shape on those look like habanero, but they look a bit bumpy for that. @jrm those look almost exactly like habaneros to me.
I know a lot of people confuse them. I've seen them mixed up on store produce shelves quite often.

I'm pretty sure Scotch Bonnets should look more like, well, a bonnet. They should have a "brim" around them, not totally round like those.

I'm really wondering about those first ones. Bumpy usually indicates getting into the superhot realm.


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That was my thinking as well. I got those seeds (and quite a few others) from an online vendor BEFORE I joined this amazing community! From past threads I read on this vendor, yeah….their seeds MIGHT germinate and MIGHT be what you ordered….if you are lucky. 🙄😔