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Are You Ready For Some Football? Super Bowl 54


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Or LIV as the NFL uses Roman numerals. 
I hate the Niners and I'm a Raiders fan so I hate the Chiefs too. I am excited for the up and coming Super Bowl pools though. The game will be a good one tho. the Niner's and Chiefs are both very strong this year.
The_NorthEast_ChileMan said:
So what are your thoughts on Oakland Raiders relocation to Las Vegas? That's a longer drive for you, right?
I'm pretty bummed out about it but I completely understand why they left. Their stadium was crap and the city of Oakland would pony up any cash to make a deal to keep them.
Vegas is a pretty long drive at 9 hours. If i went to a game I'd probably fly instead.


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The porn show at halftime was the usual music-free pelvic thrust fest. Shoulda gone out for a cigar...

The game is kinda even, maybe a surprise end, yeh?