event Arizona Hot Sauce Expo


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can't wait to hear more details!


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thanks i was wondering when this was going to be,  i saw that heartbreaking dawn's and high river sauces have a booth together at the fiery foods show.  
I've already signed up. I'm booked. Wild horses couldn't keep me away - 1 day drive & it's in an awesome location. 
Will be fun to see you again this year JediSushi! 

Nicole said:
Yeah HBD will be sharing a booth with High River... I'm pretty sure my husband, Johnny, and Steve have a bromance going on
Was great to see Johnny & Steve this year in ABQ and I'm looking forward to finally meeting you in AZ! 

(also, they're a cute couple! :rofl: )
The DEFCON Crew will be joining in the fun for this one. For one, I need a short vacation, two, we have friends in Phoenix we haven't seen in a while, and three, I haven't you west coast chuckleheads in a LONG time! We won't have a booth, so we'll just be hangin' out drinking massive quantities of beer, and heading back east Sunday morning. For this inaugural show, I'll have a ZERO collectible available for those that would like one, just like I did for the NOLA show years ago.