As the username suggests, I'm Just A Gardener.

Hey, guys and girls. Wouldn't really consider myself a chilihead, at least not one of the caliber of a lot of y'all on here. These midwestern taste buds weren't acclimated to much more than salt n pepper while I was growing up, and I've slowly worked my way up to being able to tolerate habanero (in moderate doses) levels of heat, and some micro doses of superhots when cooked. Work in progress. Feels like the closer I get, the peppers just keep getting hotter, and pushing the goal posts even further away, though, lmao.

My step-dad, who recently passed, he was the real chilihead, woulda fit right in here. If you'd have put his hot sauce collection in a straight line, you'd have needed binoculars to see the other end of it lol. And that's kind of why I'm here. I've got a fairly sizeable garden, do our local farmer's market every year, and this year I'm planning to do a decent sized section of my garden as pure peppers, instead of my usuals, in his honor. Year after year, I never see anybody at the market selling even habaneros, really. Maybe there isn't a market here for superhots, or even hots, but I won't know until I try. Feel like there's gotta be some people out there without the time/means to grow their own, like he did, and it'd be nice to give em a local, fairly priced option. And if I end out being wrong, looks like there's a decent online market for them, both fresh and dried/powdered, so not the biggest risk. Won't be able to eat many plants worth, myself, especially only eating slivers at a time, that's the one thing I do know for sure lol.

So yeah, have already read a decade worth of posts in a lot of sections of your forum (feel like I know some of you already lol!), but I've still got a fair few questions, especially regarding the varieties I should stick in the dirt, and y'all seem like the people to ask em to. Know that some of the superhots, especially, can be stubborn germinators, so figured I should probably start getting my ducks in a row now. Ya might even get a glog outta me once the season really starts. :cheers:


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