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shopping Asian wrappers?

No, not this kind of rapper,

This type of wrapper


So, I've been doing a whole bunch of poppers lately. Love em. Kids love em. Problem is, my backyard supply of bigger "stuffing/popper'ing" pepper plants are not keeping up with demand. But, I do have some smaller peps that could be substituted with a twist. My idea - a somewhat deconstructed popper, then wrapped in a thin (probably asian style) wrapper of some sort. But what kind specifically should I be looking for?

Here are my criteria:
1. No fry. Must be able to cook in toaster oven, broiler, or grill (on a cookie sheet).
2. Prefer a thinner wrapper.
3. Not too soft like rice paper rolls, but not too crunchy like spring rolls either.
4. Not too big, but bigger than a bite. Probably about spring roll size.

Here are my primary stuffing ingredients:
Diced peppers such as Serrano
Cream cheese
Crumbled bacon or fine diced ham

I've got a pretty decent asian grocery in the "big city" that I venture into every few months. They should have what I need, but, reading the labels can be a little daunting on the fly. So, best to research before I go. Anybody have any suggestions on what style may best fit my picky bill? Thanks in advance.


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I would think that baking those thin spring roll wrappers will be a bit of a challenge and they will likely unravel or even dry out and lose their integrity.
My suggestion would be to make empanadas with the fillings you have. You can buy the empanada dough premade in the freezer section and get yourself a cheap empanada mold:

These bake really well. We do them all the time at home. 
This is the dough we use: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Goya-Discos-Para-Empanadas-10-count-14-oz/47064320