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storage Asim working with my seeds I had a question "how does everyone store there seeds?"

So I use Binders and separate my seeds by type .. IE annum, baccatum etc... and store the binders in a dark cool cabinet. Inside the binders, I use sleeve pockets (like old library books had) and keep them padded... but I have been looking for a better way and still keep all the info I have. I use the information when I decide to re-order from that vendor or look else ware. Or if I'm trying a new pepper and I really like it and want to order more. what do you all do to keep seeds and info.. thanks

I keep my seeds in a box with seperate casettes in it. I organize by month. Works quite well for my brain.

I have a plan in the beginning of the year, abandon that, roughly outline a new plan and then whenever there's about to be an empty space in my garden when I'm about to harvest something, I have a look at the month to see what else I can sow to fill up the empty space.

At the end of the month, I go through the seed packets of that month, move the seeds that still can be sowed next month to next months casette and work from there. At the end of the year, I reorganize, see what's to old, what's missing for next season. Then I go and buy to many new seeds and stock up again.

I have a box for veggies and fruit and a box for flowers. Struggling with my peas and beans though, they don't always fit. I might need another legumes storage solution.


I poorly keep track of what I'm sowing when and what the harvest is like, in an old-school paper agenda. I store what I like in my head. Not quite happy with that system, it's not always very reliable. 😀


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I have an air-tight box which everything gets jammed inside along with two tins of color-indicating silica gel.

Actually, looks like it’s time to dry out the silica in the oven…



I’d like to organize it a bit better this year. I have a complete inventory of what’s there in my digital notes, but finding any given packet is a real chore!

I considered keeping them refrigerated as well — theoretically, dry and cold is best — but minimizing temperature fluctuation is also important, and to do that right (or to my satisfaction anyway) would involve a lot of hassle and fridge space.


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I keep my pepper seeds in a box, then in that box various labelled envelopes detailing what's inside.
When looking for a particular seed I normally get side-tracked and find a different pepper seed.
My favourite envelope is "seeds waiting" which gets added to every time I open the box.
My seeds waiting envelope is still pretty full :lol:

I do have a vegetable and herb box and a flower seed box which aren't nearly as interesting as my chilli seed box.
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Cool to see everyone's methods! I store them very much like thoroughburro - right down to the same rechargeable silica tins - but using this pelican case and I categorize into sandwich-sized Ziplocs which helps me find what I'm looking for. Recently, I've been working on getting fresh isolated seeds for all my preferred varieties and I'm keeping those new seeds separately for now with the goal of implementing a more organized system. I haven't figured out what that system will be yet, but this thread should help with some good ideas.