auction Auction for a MFRB Ending Thursday @Noon CST

I'm heading out of town tomorrow afternoon so I would like to auction off a Full MFRB to be sent out around 1pm Thursday. The pods are a random mix from my grow this year. Could be included are:
Chocolate Lava
2 Chocolate Brain Strain
3 Bubblegum
4 Chocolate Primo
5 Butch T Scorpion
6 Chocolate Scorpion
7 Yellow Lava
8 Peach Ghost
9 Yellow Ghost
11 Red Ghost
12 Chocolate Ghost
13 Peach 7-pot
14 White 7-pot
15 Jonah 7-pot
17 Original 7-pot
18 Red Caribbean Habanero
19 Naga Morich
20 Red Savina
21 Brain Strain
22 Jigsaw
23 Barrackpore 7-pot Red
24 Jay's Peach Ghost x Scorp
25 CPR
27 BOC x Primo
28 Bleeding Borg 9
29 Gator Jigsaw
30 Big Mustard Momma
32-Morruga Yellow
33 Brazilian Moruga
34 Long Big Black Momma
35 Big Black Mamma
36 Brown Moruga
37 BCM
40 Wm Trini Mystery
41 Reaper x Trinidad Scorpion
42 Apocalypse
43 Kraken Scorpion
44 Reaper x Jays Red
45 Lucy 7-pot
47 Leopard
49 Moruga x BBG 7-pot Bleeding Calax
50 MorugaBrains Red
51 Gengis Khan Brain
52 Chocolate Reaper x Scorpion
53 Lobbed Buht Orange Copenhagen
54 Barrackapore 7-pot Yellow
55 SRTSL Red
56 SRTSL Yellow
57 Reaper
58 Jay's Red Ghost x Scorpion
64 Yellow Reaper
65 Chris Fat Red
66 CP
67 Chocolate Betulah
69 Devil's Tounge yell


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I frogot to put my PayPal. as I said I'll drop the box off at the post office on my way out of town.
Thanks Biggy for the auction, those peppers looked awesome and congrats to the winner 007
I almost won too lol :dance:
By any chance 007Chemist will you be saving any of those seeds? Those pods look great