auction Auction - MFRB - 105 Different Pepper Varieties - Labeled

Hi Everyone,
I am putting up for auction a Medium Flat Rate Box of peppers.  There will be at least 105 different varieties, each labeled for identification. The Auction starting bid will be $30, please bid in $1 minimum increments. The auction is available to US members only (preferably continental US so that peppers will arrive in a maximum of 3 days) 
Payment will be via Paypal only. 
The auction will start immediately and go until 11:59 PM Monday night.  I will PM the winner with the Paypal information and if I receive payment by 1pm Tuesday, the MFRB will go out that day. Otherwise will go out on Wed.
If you are not familiar with my fresh peppers/seeds, you can see my reviews in the Vendor Vault.
1 pepper of each variety will be labeled. (The remaining peppers to fill the box will be unlabeled, though I will attempt to keep same varieties "together" in the box).  I will not pick the peppers until Tues AM so they are fresh as possible.
In addition to the 105 Varieties, the winner will have the option to purchase another SFRB for $10 in the next 2-3 weeks with another 25-30 varieties (these are different from the 105 currently available) bringing the total varieties with the two boxes to 130+.
Here are the varieties. After the list, see pics of some of the example varieties that will be received.  There are some really cool crosses and hard to find varieties.
[SIZE=medium]Caboruga Yellow[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Bahamian Beast Yellow Pheno[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Bahamian Beast Chocolate Pheno[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Big Black Mama[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Tangerine Hab[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]P Dreadie SB - Red Pheno (crossed)[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Peachgum Tiger Mamp V1[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Choc Bhutlah CS (short phenol - may be crossed)[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]PDN X D 2.3[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Moldavian Heart X Purple Bhut[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]West Indies Yellow[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Apocalyspe Chocolate[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Butch T Mystery Choc[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Favignana Hot[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Bhutlah Mustard[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Bhut Yellow Assam[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Fatalii gourmet Scorp[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Unknown Scotch Bonnet[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Bhutlah Black X (Red Pheno)[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Bleeding Heart Red[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Bleeding Heart Yellow[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Vladian Viper (Mustard Pheno)[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Podzilla Chocolate[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Large White BB7[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]TS Moruga Satan[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Bhutlah Scorpion Chocolate[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Fidalgo Roxa[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Black Stinger (Red Pheno)[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]BB7 X PDN[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Jigsaw Moruga[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Bhut Multicolor[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]CP 115[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]BB7 Choc X Reaper[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Big Caramel Mama (Short Pheno)[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Bhutlah BB7 Choc (No Calyx)[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]BB7 MAMP[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Brainstrain X Reaper[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Orangegum Tiger Mamp[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Trinidad X Strain[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]7 pot Orange Gig SR[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Arseclown Jolokia[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Choco Ghost Jami[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Orange Fatalii Scorpion[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Peach Ghost Jami[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Naga Viper Chocolate[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Naglah Beast[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Reaper X  BB7 (Short Pheno)[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Peachgum Tiger Mamp[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Jays Chocolate X[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]7 Pot Jonah[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Red Moruga Brains[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Sugar Rush Red[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Sugar Rush Cream[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]BB7 Roughrider Chocolate[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]BB7 Roughrider Red[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Choc Bhutlah DM[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Yellow Moruga Monster[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Lucy Scorpion[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]SB7J Cross [/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Carolina Reaper[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Carolina HAB Red[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]West Indies Red – HUGE![/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Choco Kokoo[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Mako Kokoo[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]MA Wartryx[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]CGN 21500 X Barrackpore[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Swiss Chocolate[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Pimente De Neyde[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Pimenta Chris Fat[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Sepia X SB7J[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Bonda Mahala[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Bhut Caramel X BB7[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Space Chile[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Scotch Brain[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Harold St Barts[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Yellow Bumpy Hab[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Bloody Riot Orange[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Reaper X BB7 (Long Pheno)[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Choc Brainstrain AU[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]7 Pot Lava[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]SB Freeport[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Purple Jalapeno X Cayenne[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]TS X Congo Brown[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Ven Tiger X SRTSL Yellow[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Ven Tiger X SRTSL Red[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]PI441598 PEACH F3[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Black Bhut Jolokia (ripens to red)[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]7 Pot Brown Long[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Reaper X SRTSL[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]BOC X Reaper (orange)[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]BB7 Yellow X Butch T[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Hab Cappuccino[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Barro Do Robiero[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Bhutclah Red[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]BBG Apocalypse[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Nagabon X Yellow Primo[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Reaper X Madballz Choc[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]7 Pot Barrackpore[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Long Red Habanero[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Kraken Yellow X[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Wrecking Ball X 7 Pot brown[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]CGN 23209[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Zimbabwe Bird[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Demonic Goat[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Here are the Pics:[/SIZE]
[SIZE=medium]Apocalypse Chocolate
Apocalypse chocolate.jpg
Cp115 2017.jpg
[SIZE=medium]Orange Fatalii Scorpion
Orange fatalii scorp 2.jpg
[SIZE=medium]Naglah Beast
Naglah beast.jpg
[SIZE=medium]Trinidad X
Trinidad X 2017.jpg
[SIZE=medium]West Indies Red vs Macapa
West indies red vs macapa.jpg
[SIZE=medium]Yellow Moruga Monster
Yellow monster moruga.jpg
[SIZE=medium]Bhut Yellow Assam
Bhut yellow assam 1.jpg
[SIZE=medium]Swamp Thing Cross (yellow) - This will be avail on 2nd box! See the huge size of this next to a reaper.
Swamp thing yellow vs reaper.jpg
Walchit said:
I'm definitely in at 30 bucks,
Walchit said:
Hey just to be clear is this central time zone?
Hi there,
Yes the bidding will be in this thread.  I guess I neglected to state the time zone that the auction ended, yes it will be Monday night at 11:59 pm Central Time.  Thanks!
hogleg said:
Yea, bid right here in this thread.
The Texashotpeppers labeled boxes are a great way to start a epic seed collection.
If you calculate in the value of rare seed, you are sure to get an incredible deal.

You're right about that, man!  I got a 100ct box last year.  What a week that was, going through, tasting and deseeding all those peppers...awesome!  And I don't think I got any that are on this list.
Wish I had some spare cash right now, I'd jump on it.
TXHP, how many plants/varieties are you growing this year?