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hot-sauce Babia ghost pepper sauce

I have tasted Babia chili/habanero hot sauces and they are good stuff for the money. However i found this sauce from the local market:

Let me tell you, this sauce is fire in a bottle. This one have a really strong bhut jolokia smell to it, so it must contain pretty high amount of that chili.
Heat: 10/10. Pretty much the upper scale what i tolerate in a sauce, this one is more like a spice in a food and few drops will give a lot of heat to the dish. Tried plenty on top of ryebread+some turkey meat, made my nose runny and my eyes cry.
Taste: 8/10. Very strong fruity bhut jolokia kind of taste and this is not the one to eat with any spoon at all. :rofl:
ingredients in the sauce:
Cane vinegar, ghost pepper, carrot pulp, lemon pulp,salt, onion powder, papaya pulp, citrid acid, passion fruit pulp, xanthan gum, garlic powder and sodium benzoate.
Chorizo857_62J said:
Haven't seen that in our typical grocery isle for Badia products yet....but it's probably coming.
Well, you dont even find it in their website either. We only have like four different Babia sauces in here, but they all seems to be pretty good for the money they cost.