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Bagging blossoms

Every time I try to search for those little bags, my google foo doesn't work very well and all i get are pictures of handbags with flowers on them. This time I got it right and stumbled on someone who actually makes the bags I wanted. Not too bad of a price. About $19.00 shipped from Calif to Ohio for 90 bags. I ordered white ones.
I thought I would post it here for someone else who wants to buy bags for their flowers.



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I just buy tulle fabric from the store for .98 a yard and cut a circle out of it and then thread sewing line through the holes and makes basically the same thing.
millworkman said:
I got 250 off Amazon for 3.49.   :)
Yeah, but my post was actually helpful since I provided a link of something that isn't easy to google. :shame:  Hence the reason for the thread.


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chicken_phat said:
Why exactly are you guys bagging flowers anyway?
Pure seed
Well the seller I got mine from doesnt have any more listed which is why I didn't provide a link.  Searching Amazon or Ebay for "Organza Bags" yields tons of results.  


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I'm glad you started this thread.  I was just thinking of searching the subject to see how you guys isolate.  I'm going to want to do some of that next yeas.
I can see these bags will keep bees away but are they effective against wind bore pollen?