greenhouse Bargain greenhouses in UK!

Hope this is in the right section.Just a heads up for those of you in the UK,B&Q are having a massive clearence at the mo and all the big stores are selling off sheds and greenhouses cheap as they are only going to be selling online from now on.
I managed to ge one of these..
with frame and base and poly panels for £20!!! I even got a spare set of panels for a tenner!
I then noticed they had a load of "Frame only" 8x6 greenhouses and they were marked up at £10 but guy reduced them to a fiver whilst I was looking..heres the £5 one

and the receipt!

These were from Swindon branch and they had about 6 of the frame only ones yesterday.Maybe worth ringing around.If anyone wants the codes for the polycarbonate one with frame and base happy to forward them on.
Lovely, but....
Where the deuce is the tax? Included? If you say there's no sales tax in the UK I'll beat you with a ginger orphan.
Googled my own question. What the marbles, there are untaxed things in the UK? Bloody hell, get the queen to force Harper to fall in line :D
Said hell so many times I had to edit it XD
snagglepuss said:
I went to my local b&q before nothing there reduced :(
The clearence is coming to an end apparently..Swindon branch had a few in but not sure about other stores.