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Beef Tenderloin on the Weber

Beef Tenderloin was on sale this week so I thought I would give it a try on the Weber using the Rotisserie.  I butchered it up and put the roast and the head on the spit.  I used a chunk of Hickory along with the coals in my Slow N Sear.   I seasoned with some Hey Grill Hey Beef Rub and added some Herbs de Provence.  Came out great!  I pulled at 130 IT.
Here is just starting out on the Rotisserie.

20 minutes in

On the cutting board:

On a plate:

I didn't like the obvious hole in each filet but it was unavoidable with the cook method. Very happy with the results and I would try it again.


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stettoman said:
Yeah, I think you do....
No man should be without one, and if you're as inventive as you seem, you know you can make one in a pinch with the raw materials at your disposal!
But yeah, you need one....
Funny you mention this :lol: Only a few days ago I checked what I had available to hocus-pocus a grill, and I only lack a decent grate.