Beer Kits, Extract or All Grain?

My latest brew is the Centennial and Green Bullet bitter. I went for the Green Bullet as the bittering hop and plenty of Centennial for the late additions. I thought I'd take a few pictures of the process and write about it in a quick run-through. My blog is all about food, cooking, recipes and growing for ordinary people like me. I often find that people who share one common interest with me often share others, so I decided to write a bit about brewing too (though that was not my original intention).

 As I started writing, I realised there was actually a lot of things to talk about in relation to home brewing. I thought it best to divide these into separate articles so I could go into more detail. It seemed logical to start with how I started out, and the different types of brewing - Kits, Extract and All Grain - so here's the first article;

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