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contest BEGIN! Burger Royale Part 1

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The Hot Pepper

We're keeping up with the tradition of a big TD in June, as THP turns 11 this June! :woohoo:
Burger Royale is back!
June 5 weekend - Beef and Blend/Alternative
  • Poll 1 - Beef - A Beef burger needs to have a patty of 100% beef with no other animal proteins, cooking fats and egg binders notwithstanding.
  • Poll 2 - Blend/Alternative - Blend is for mixed animal proteins (which can include beef). Alternative is for all proteins except beef; bison, pork, fish, veggie, etc.
Homemade buns, grinds, and sauces encouraged!
NO stuffed or slider, that is next week!
CLICK: The 5 Rules for an eligible entry
PoL: .30
(PoL only needs to be shown ONCE in a pic with a majority of the ingredients used, or in a presentation pic, preferably not on the plate.)
  • A burger is defined as a ground (any protein) patty that is usually served on a bun, but you can be original with the bread as long as it is on both sides of the patty.
  • 5 PICS MAX in final post! Give us different angles. Bun off, bun on. A killer cooking pic.
  • One "cut down the middle" pic REQUIRED to show all the layers.
  • One burger plated, no sides.
  • Exact ingredients listed for all breads, grinds, and homemade sauces.
  • Two entries allowed. One per poll category. One final post for each.
June 12 weekend - Stuffed and Slider
  • Poll 1 - Stuffed - A stuffed burger may be any protein or blend that has a stuffing or filling at the center. Juicy Lucy, ham and bacon, etc. You can be original with your idea of a stuffed burger, example, a slice of a "fatty" off the smoker on a bun would technically be a stuffed smoked burger.
  • Poll 2 - Slider - A slider is any mini size burger on a slider size bun. Classic or unique, any protein or blend. You must choose one patty style to enter even if presenting a six-pack! So they must all be the same patty, but you can be unique with toppings.
June 19 weekend - Best Burger
  • This weekend there will be a poll of all 4 winners for Best Burger! No new entries, a poll of the 4 previous winners for the title!
That's 5 crowns!


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I might have FB and IG open hoping for a preview, LOL.


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haha ... i'm having a TGIF beer ... watching Amy Schumer ... and waiting to see how high the bar's at, lol ...
Damn! I'd be all over this but long weekend and all. The swags already packed and the camp fire is awaitin!

Maybe I can whip up somethin over flames? I'm thinking;

Damper rolls with roo burger stacked with smokey goodness and all the usual culprits.

We will see...
BBC - Big Blue and Cheesy
One of my favorite things to cookup, Burgers, satisfy so many hungers. They are a simple thing, full of flavour and so many varieties
I give you the BBC, here it is, in all its glory
Starting off with some freshly hand ground chuck beef, seasoned with salt and pepper, that is all. Let the beef shine. Hand formed, left to chill in the fridge for 30 minutes, then grilled over some briquettes and lumpwood, nice and hot

Once the outside is done, place indirect, topped with Blue Cheese, the buns are then buttered and topped with colby cheese, and the other with sliced jalapenos and mexican 4 cheese

As they are all starting to melt and combine, crisp up some Streaky Bacon.

Bottom bun is the jalapeno one, bacon on top, then the patty, a little cherry tomato and chilli chutney, the top bun and we are ready to eat


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