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contest BEGIN! July 4th-ings Throwdown

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The Hot Pepper

July 4th Weekend!
The TD:
July 4th-ings!
That's right, 4 things on a plate! Not 4 max, not 4 min, 4 exact! Everyone does 4.
This is an outdoor cooking weekend. The idea stems from 4th of July BBQs where you stand in line at the grill, someone puts ribs and a burger on your plate. Then you walk to a table and spoon some potato salad and plop some banana pudding on the same plate. Paper plates for bonus points, and yes, all on one plate!
The 4 things on the plate are composed dishes, so if making "shrimp and grits" that is 1! Yeah, I know, but some people do ask (TC lol).
All dishes for the plate MUST be cooked outdoors, prep may be done indoors.
Baking: Pizza and any "entree" baking must be done outdoors, but if part of an entree (an ingredient for), like slider buns, can be done indoors. If bread is served alone, like jalapeno cornbread, it does count against your 4 and must be done outdoors.
Any dessert, or salad (or prep like boiling potatoes) can be done indoors.
So plan accordingly. If you want to deep fry better have a turkey fryer handy unless it is prep.
Cooking vessels and appliances must be specifically designed for outdoor cooking. All grills and smokers, even electric, turkey fryers, flattops, wood ovens, etc.
Poll 2:
There will be a 2nd poll for the best food photography! This is optional but if you wish to enter the 2nd poll, all you have to do it mark one of your 10 photos as "Money Shot". Cheese pull? Patriotic? Fireworks? As long as part of your dish is in the pic, it is allowed. It may be prep, cooking, or presentation, but let's see that money shot! And this is a photography contest, so think of composition and originality. Dust off those lenses!
CLICK: The 5 Rules for an eligible entry
Title your entries, list all ingredients and cooking methods. Exact measurements please where applicable.

PoL: $.76 (PoL only needs to be shown ONCE in a pic with all or a majority of the ingredients used, or in a final presentation pic of the main entry, preferably not on the plate. International may round up or down.)
PIC ALLOWANCE:  10 pics. Remember some prep/cooking shots are "money" and look good in your final post. It doesn't have to all be final presentation.



Gram crackers
Chili infused chocolate
Birds eye peppers
Jays peach placenta powder
Mad dog 357 hot sauce
Hot grill or camp fire
Wire hanger

Everyone, who has been camping, has experianced burning marshmellows to a chrisp and placing it between two gramcrackers nestled next to a chunk of chocolate.
Yum smores!!!

I will take camping smores into the world of the chilihead.
My four plated presentations will range from suttle to sublime.

1) We will start at the kiddie table with the addition of jalapeno.

2) Next we will experiance the addition of a nice plump, fresh, birds eye pepper.

3) Thirdly a generous pinch of Jays Peach bhut placenta powder.

4) Do we dare add Mad dog 357 hot sauce to the fourth?

My family and I have played with heat in dessert quite a bit in the past. We often add pepper powder to fudge. We add powder to cup cake batter. I have even made sweet hot sauce for pancakes. These four kinds of smores, however, will add a new
exploding "firecracker" eliment to your Forth of July week end.

Sleep tight my friends

Rymerpt is bringing his A game
Student of Spice said:
Is the BOLD (B) or the italics (I) tools not working (U) in your reply tool box (S)????  :rofl:  ;)

hope your grill is not broken too  ;)   :shh:   :dance:
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JoynersHotPeppers said:
Should be fun to watch when I am not outside cooking...
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