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contest Begin! Oktoberfest Throwdown III

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The Hot Pepper

It's Oktoberfest! Let the beer flow!

Below are traditional Oktoberfest foods. The challenge is to pick at least one from each section and use it for inspiration to create a THP style meal. You can keep it traditional, add your own twist, or come up with something new, as long as it is based on the original dish.

The main dish and the side dish must each have a hot pepper ingredient.

The PoL* = $0.50
*Proof of Life - Coins in an ingredients pic or final pic. The coins may not be photographed alone, or w/o any ingredients.

To enter, create a post in this topic with a name for your entry, the ingredients and cooking methods, and TWO MAX presentation pics. You may post other pics in non-official posts (teasers, etc.).

Deadline - Monday, 10:00 pm EDT.


Meat (Choose at least one to create from scratch. From scratch means if you choose sausage, you must make the sausage, etc.)
Cordon Bleu
Curry Wurst
Frankfurters (Frankfurter Würstschen)
Kassler Rippchen
Knockwurst (Knackwurst)
Nürnberger Rostbratwurst
Pork Knuckle (Eisbein / Schweinshaxe)
Pork Roast (Schweinebraten)
Wiener Schnitzel
Sauerbraten (added)

Side Dish (Choose at least one to create from scratch.)
Potato Dumplings (Knödel) (May also be Semmel, Mehl, Leber, etc.)
Potato Pancakes (Kartoffelpuffer)
Potato Salad (Kartoffelsalat)
Red Cabbage (Rotkraut)


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Right On, Kibaumm! I saw your other sausage post, and was hoping you'd jump in to the TD.

Thanks for all the link, Boss. Now....what to do~~~~

Paulky, got any more of that canned German Potato Salad hanging around? We wanna see a rematch! Can-v-shotgun! :lol:

(can I post a link to the first video....there are so many new people who haven't had the pleasure~~ ;) )
Hehe I planned following:
Leberkäse( if I get the right meat)
Pork Roast
2 different Knödel
Red Cabbage
Potato Salad and Pancakes

Unfortunately I was not abled to get all ingredients for making my own sausage in the right time.
( I think 3 weeks for getting casings is a bit long)



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JuanH, I should just bag making something myself and go over to your house for dinner. Sounds like you'll have enough for an army!


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Not necessarily. Last month several people had the huge spreads and the winner was a plate of enchiladas with salsa.

It's tempting to think doing one of everything will win by volume. I like seeing a meal, just what a person or family would eat. Meat, side, veggie, beer~~~ jmho though.

The Hot Pepper

A spread of food is definitely no guaranteed win. I feel like people try to hedge their bets. I'd like to see a nice meal on a plate. However, more than one could fit on a plate, and could go nicely together.
I sure wish I could participate in this one. Really busy weekend though...
I will definitely be voting on it though, and hopefully get in on next month.
Good luck everyone!

The Hot Pepper

Exactly. Who would dare?


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OK! Let's get this party started! Here's my teaser picture-

(What's that? We're supposed to have FOOD in this TD? Aw, MAN! back to the store......) :lol:
The beer is a given.

This is a tough one!! I like it. Hoping to cook tomorrow.

I'm going to try so hard to make Pork Knuckle. I don't know if I can find it.
Good thing I live in a humongous city that has all kind of ethnic meat markets. I should be able to find it.

But one time I went into a place that advertised Brazilian Meat in the window, and it was NOT what I expected!!!!
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