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contest BEGIN! The Most Eggcellent Throwdown

The Hot Pepper

The Most Eggcellent Throwdown!
This one is all about eggs. We are talking poultry eggs here, chicken mainly but alternative bird eggs allowed (chicken, duck, turkey, ostrich, goose, quail, pheasant, emu).
Challenge part 1: whole egg; you must show one instance of a non-broken yolk egg using both parts (cooked as whole egg), whether this is a fried egg, soft boiled, hard boiled... it can be broken down after cooking as in egg salad or deviled, but you must not incorporate the yolk and white during cooking and both must be visible in the presentation.

Challenge part 2: incorporated/separated; you must also use an incorporated or separated egg. This can be anything from an omelet to a cake with eggs in it. We don't need to see the egg here but it can help. If your recipe calls for using whites or yolks only, this is allowed for challenge part 2. This opens up many possibilities!
separated eggs.jpg

You must complete both challenges as one composed dish, two elements of the same dish, or, two separate dishes (but posted as one entry).
An example would be French Toast with fried eggs, and this would cover both portions of the challenge. This does not have to be breakfast, there are MANY ways to use eggs of course! If you had plans for only one of the requirements, well just think of how you can complete the other, and note, this also helps bring everyone to a more level playing field for voting.
Can you show more? That would be most Eggcellent! Go crazy if you want. You will be allowed 10 pics for all your egg creations.
The 5 Rules for an eligible entry
ATTN: PM me the link to the final entry. You can get the link URL by clicking the post number.
Hot pepper element
This one requires measurements please.
10 pics max per final post
PoL: .65 (international can round)
Ends Monday 11:59 PM ET


Business Member
EGGS!!!! are gonna be chicken variety and we have some italian flavor sausage defrosted and ready to go.....
Hmmmm... what shall evolve??
​It will be Interesting​ to see how folks will post the basic egg pic~