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Someone say head?


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"Quakertown Stout" Armadillo Ale Works-Denton TX

"Whats in it?
Lightly toasted two-row barley malt makes up the bulk of our grain bill. We add a little brown malted barley for a nice toasty flavor. A mix of roasted barley and Blackprinz barley adds coffee and chocolate flavors and its what makes the stout dark in color. Some malted wheat helps bulk up the mouthfeel of the beer and a bunch of oats adds some oat flavor and makes the beer rich and creamy. We finish it off with a touch of robust maple syrup which, after fermentation, adds a nice nutty characteristic. We hop it with some bitter Columbus hops to help balance out all the malty sweetness and we ferment this beer with a yeast that showcases the flavors from the grain."


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