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We've got some great local breweries here. I enjoy visiting them and sampling what they offer. Some beers they offer are decent, some "suck" and some are great! Only one brewery have I found  amongst all I have tried, that I've not had a single "dud" is Edmund's Oast. These guys have figured it out well. If you ever visit the greater Charleston, SC area or find somewhere locally that offers their products, give it a whirl. It will not disappoint.  My treat this eve after a great sales gig. 7.2 ABV, wonderful body and smoother than a baby's ass.



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Took a road trip down to Virginia, to visit my newly retired father in law, a couple of weeks ago. Stopped at Aslin Brewery on the way down :party:

Cool ass brewery! This is TGCM's stomping ground ;)


Look at all of that "Double Orange Starfish"

Had an "El Frutero" while I was there; sour ale with watermelon, lime, habanero, and salt


Pork sandwich kinda sucked (pretty dry), but my wife's spicy chicken sandwich was really good!


The haul I took home to split with a friend of mine:

Father in law sent me home with a few IPAs from a brewery by him, called "Lickinghole Creek," hahaha


Building a batch of carnitas today with a 5 lb pork loin roast, thought it might be time to pop my cherry on one o' these...


I so wanted to be impressed, and for an IPA it's damn good, but this is no "double" IPA...maybe an IPA & a half, but very light on hops for a double.

Just don't send Hogleg up here to pull my toenails. Tryin' to be honest...NOT worth 17 bucks for a sixer....


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Looks like it's been a month or so... Proud to report I will keep this thread alive. The symbiotic relationship with the craft beer place that sells my hot sauce - keeps paying off in spades! Don't know who gets the better end of the deal, but I ain't bitching  :cheers:   Looking back, it may seem I am a paid spokesperson for this brewery. I am not, don't know a soul involved. BUT, I still gotta give props to their products. No duds from them have I tried. I will admit that I am not a "sour" fan, they have a few but I can't offer a thought on those.  Tonight, Imperial Stout. Weighing in at 10% ABV, heavy, a slow sipper no doubt, but great almost sweet, caramel tones. This is #3 of 4 and when I finish it, it's a wrap. The day is done. Great beer if you like this sort of thing.