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hot-sauce Bellycheer Habanero Sauce

I picked this up at the new to me hot shop the other day. I was a little reluctant at first, after reading a label on something called Hawgs Breath(I think) & True Pain(I Think) where they state only peppers were used, not what kind of peppers & they were chalk full of artificial flavors & colours. It wasn't looking to good for Bellycheer, as I almost skipped the rest of that shelf.
Luckly I didn't as this sauce has become a instant favorite. Man-O-Man what amazing flavor, perfectly balanced, sweat,sour,heat.
The Jalapenos do the front work and the Hab's take up the rear & vinegar taste is kept to a bare minimum. I'd like to know the spice mix they use as it does round out this sauce quite nicely.
Heat level is a 6-7

Ingredients: Red ripened jalapeno peppers, habanero peppers, vinegar, salt, spices, garlic & onion.
It is Porky's Gourmet. I think from Franklin, TN Met him and his wife out in Albuquerque at the fiery food show a few years back they had a booth across from us. From what I can remember they made a killer hot sauce with a strange name like futtin nucks or something along those lines. The Bellycheer is a very tasty sauce.

You are correct. A fine product from the great state of TN. I checked my database, and I tried it and it is indeed good.

How are things with you, Mick?

I'm running low on Down South in the dorm. I'll shoot you an order today, I hope.


Things are ok here working on our new sauce Kato's 10/10 coming out in January. Shoot us an order and will get it out.

How are things with you and schooling?

Biochem's a little rough right now...particularly for a non-science major in undergrad...but I'm hanging tough. I was talking to a guy with a masters in biochem....and his grade in the class is about 10 pts below my own.
As long as I stay above the median in every class, I'll be happy.

Didn't get an order to you yet....had a class that ran 3 hours over ....giving neuro exams. Such is life in school.

I'll try to get it out tomorrow AM between classes. Too tired to fill out forms tonight.