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I have remained patient for nearly two years involving a business loan of $ 5,000  that has not be repaid in part or whole from BakersPeppers in late March 2012

Here are the facts, and email timeline history.  I have contacted Dale, He has responded, first making excuses, then a promise to pay 1000$ of the loan by December 15, 2013.  It is now December 20th, and I sent a polite reminder to him last week.  It was not responded to.
The time line starts early in 2011.  At the time Dale had recently posted a video or two of a large number of healthy super hot peppers in his nursery.  I made contact, long story short, I provided Dale a certified bank pepper loan of $ 5,000 top help him expand his business. 

What follows below is a summary of emails over the next 20 months to the present.  I will let the emails tell the story, word for word. First see the certified check made out to and cashed by him in March 2012.  I want to add that this was a no interest loan, you can't do better than that from any bank.
Before I get to the email history, I just wanted to mention that if Mr Bakers were strapped for cash, how could he take his spouse and two kids on vacation recently for two weeks ?  At best it would seem a poor business decision on his part.
Everything I stated here is true.  I have original emails with IP and Domain name trace if needed.
As you you can see, Mr Bakers has made excuses and a promise for partial payment of $ 1,000 on 12/15/13 which has not been kept.
I have been more than fair and patient in this matter.  The next step is up to you...  A man is only as good as his word, in the end nothing else matters.
Admins, please do not let this thread spin out of control, no flamers who cannot back their claims with times, dates and facts.
This is not about character assassination, it is about good business practice.

[SIZE=10pt]    I really appreciate this my friend...really! You have no idea how much it means to me that u will do this for me! Like i will take quite some time to get it back to you but it WILL get back to you over time :)[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt] [/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt]Dale E. Baker Jr[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt]3408 Colwell Ave[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt]Tampa, Fl 33614[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt] [/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt]I dont have a home phone as these days its more cost effective to have an unlmited data/calls/texts plan on my cell phone....[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt] [/SIZE]
          [SIZE=10pt]******************************************************************************************************************************************************[/SIZE]       [SIZE=10pt]8/13/12[/SIZE] [SIZE=10pt]Hey I stated to u at the time u did loan me the $5k I told u I
had no clue when I could even begin to repay you...and you werequite ok
with that at the time....I now am in a huge crisis with the USPS &UPS!
They owe me over $2k in insurance claims and i may not get it! But i had
to refund that money to my now my father is leaving
me! He backing it up and calling it quits! I can't run the place myself
and having to hire help when my bank account is in the negative is going
to be hard to do...the summer has SLOWED my crop speed WAY down to a
crawl! I am lowering prices to compete with others and I barely have any
inventory as it is due to the slow summers high heat...I told you that i
would get you the $$ back ASAP...could be a while I said...I remember
trying to be very clear I had no clue when i could start getting you
some back to you....and right now is not a good time at all....I hate to
say that...honestly I u truly were there for me when i needed
it...I'm sorry my pepper biz is starting so me...I need $$
very bad myself...I can't even pay this months electric bill...first
time that's happened here my dad says in 45 years....Im struggling
myself....and i don't know what to say.....I'm sorry Dave...I hoped u
wouldn't "need' it anytime soon like I tried to tell you at the time...I
feel horrible....[/SIZE]


[SIZE=10pt]Dale Jr[/SIZE]


I have been patient and as my next to last email to you states, I am simply requesting you repay the business loan I made to you on 3/36/2012. I put my hard earned money on you to help you succeed when you needed more equipment for your pepper business. It has been almost a year and a half since you cashed the check.  Not once have you contacted me by phone, text or email to settle this matter.  I have contacted you at least three times to try to negotiate payment and every time you have had excuses. The next step is up to you.
I hope you are a man of your word, because a man's reputation is like gold in the niche hot pepper business.
Dave Williams

[SIZE=10pt]Hey Dave....[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt]I wanted to say i have not been ducking u at all. I have been real busy working on peppers and having another child at the same time. I told u i have every intention of paying u back in full! December 15th i will send u a check for $1,000....its a start...i can make a payment every now and then but all at once just isnt realistic as i never have that type of $$ all at once....hope this helps...let me know :) [/SIZE]


That is a start, please send a bank check with the note section as follows:  payment $ 1,000 pepper business loan, balance due of $ 4,000, this will serve as our receipt.



That is a start, please send a bank check with the note section as follows:  payment $ 1,000 pepper business loan, balance due of $ 4,000, this will serve as our receipt.


Just a reminder you said above that you agreed to sending a bank check $ 1,000 (post marked ) by Dec 15th.   I hope you are a man of your word.

To all,
Let's keep this thread civil, if Bakers pays off the debt I will remove the thread right away.  I dont see how I can be more fair than that.  It would be good for his business reputation.  He knows that.
Please note:  I have updated the second 11/11/13 post above where Dale agreed to pay me $ 1,000 by 12/15/13.  I failed to post it in the original post.

I have been vehemently opposed to "banning" this individual up to this point..... but wow.  Information like this needs to be made public, IMO.  If nothing else it keeps him from burning another good samaratin.  And what fouls it up even more is the fact that he doesn't appear to be telling the truth.  While misfortune doesn't exempt you from your word, it would be a lot more understandable if he truly was unable to pay you.... but I have a feeling that's not the case   >:[

P.S.  Looks like you double pasted one of his replies, and missed one of yours 
I had a Sterling experience sending sauces to someone for a festival and never got paid.  Good Luck, hope you can work things out and get some repayment.
It's a shame that people as generous as you get absolutely s**t on by people like him. And even now you're giving him a chance to do the right thing instead of just turning him over to collections.. You're a good man dave! I hope he starts to pay up on his own but I doubt it...
Dave u need to call me...i told u privately id be paying u back...8134460101...this is not a theif Or horrible person...dave knows this...gimme a call please Dave....ASAP

Dale Jr
BakersPeppers said:
Dave u need to call me...i told u privately id be paying u back...8134460101...this is not a theif Or horrible person...dave knows this...gimme a call please Dave....ASAP

Dale Jr
You gave me a date, and an amount, 1,000 $, you did not fulfill your promise,  you were on vacation, eighteen months is enough, if you settle this quickly I will have the admins delete the thread and I will issue an apololgy to boot.  It is up to you.  I am not going to contact you in any way except through this thread.  The ball is in your court.

U need to call not a criminal...and u know this....i suggest u give ne a call...i need info from u if u want $$ life and business is NOT public information....

Ive emailed u me
You need to calm down and think this through, I am not calling you a criminal, I am upset with your behavior, which with a little creative energy on your part can be solved.  I am not going to speak on the phone about this, it turns into a he said versus he said. 
Take a day or two to think about this, my promise I will keep, if you repay me in full I will pull the thread and say that you made a mistake and took actions and corrected it.  Your reputation will rise and I will get the money you owe me, simple as that.
Address sent via PM 10:35 am Sunday. I find it hard to believe after getting multiple deliveries from you the past year and a half you dont have my address.  Like I said in my PM, bank check or money order, no personal checks.

I told u many many times i CANT repay u in full...i can do payments...if u want a check post your mailing address publicly since u wont call me to give it to me....u have taken this too far dave.....i told u i would pay u back when i could....i even told u DONT loan me anything if u needed it back ANYTIME soon as i couldnt repay for a long time.....u sent it anyway...i told u about 4 weeks ago id make a $1000 payment...i still plan to do so..but what u have done here is simply not right....this is private business between u and totally calm...blown away...but calm.....

Dale Jr
I will not be signed in here to check This me or email me....
Dale if you agreed to pay him over time and never had his address well that just says it all right there doesn't it.
Pay the man and let's move forward! Dale. You have his address. Stop the stall tactic because he said he's not calling you again. You're purposely making it look like he's not accepting it. 
This man was gracious enough to loan you the money that got you started selling peppers to the members here. You owe it all to him. And you have claimed previously that you have a fully-functioning operation with staff, and are doing very well for yourself.
Even if the cabin was free you had money for gas, food, and fun for a family of four. That was, in my opinion, a slap in the face, since he never got the check that was supposed to arrive around the same time.
And it is a good thing this was posted because you two are talking. Now let's see it settled like two gentlemen, not one.
I do not have the address THP...i would NOT ask him for it if it did!!
Jeeze....what kind of person do you take me for?? Im doing ALL i can to make it right with Dave Williams...HE refuses to send me an address to send a check to...thats not MY responsibility...i had an address 2 years ago....a move of a business and a home later, i cant seem to locate it! Im NOT trying to get out of paying him back, im NOT that type of guy.....EVERY single one of my customers knows im no crook!! I asked him to get me the address....if he wants to be paid he will get it to me!! PERIOD!!
IM DONE HERE on this topic....Dave stop the drama and just get me your CORRECT address so i can put a check in the mail!!!
Email :
My days of posting here in the public threads are over.....There will be ZERO contact with Bakers Peppers here on! All you will see from me is Advertisements in "The Marketplace"......PERIOD! I dont have time for all this DRAMA. People putting my business out in the streets for ALL to see...The MODS do nothing about it, and in fact they jump in and pile on! If you want to reach me for questions, please email me at or Text me 8134460101 or use the "Contact Us" link on our website.....Im DONE going thru public execution in EVERY thread on here. sorry its taken me a long time to get a payment to you, but in ALL FAIRNESS i told you UPFRONT i had no clue when i could pay you loaned me the $$ anyway and said there was NO HURRY! If i had known you would try to publicly RUIN my companies integrity i would have burned that check!! You told me advice on growing peppers and guidance in your own business venture into the pepper world would be payment enough till i could start to pay you back. I did just that with phone calls and emails...i answered ALL your even asked if i could send you peppers monthly as a "payment plan" and i agreed to that but you never needed them....point being you could have just called me today to remind me of needing to send you a check, and in the mail it would have went! But instead you chose this route...IMO a simple phone call would have been effective too......send me your address DAVE....the ball is in your court, there will be ZERO replies in a public thread by Baker's Peppers on this website from this point forward.......THE END!
Sizzling Salutations!,
Dale Baker Jr, CEO
Baker's Peppers LLC
@BakersPeppers on Twitter
Dale, I'm sorry you think trying to get a man his money is piling on.
I have done the same for others. If you were out 5 grand I'd bet you'd be asking for my help, and you know what, Rhody didn't even ask me. He didn't ask for help, ask for you to be banned, nothing. I decided on my own to try to help on my own.
If you're so willing to pay the man, pay him. "Over time" means over time, not never. Lost the address? Are just asking for it now? Damn Dale. Wow.
Looking forward to the resolution.
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