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I have remained patient for nearly two years involving a business loan of $ 5,000  that has not be repaid in part or whole from BakersPeppers in late March 2012

Here are the facts, and email timeline history.  I have contacted Dale, He has responded, first making excuses, then a promise to pay 1000$ of the loan by December 15, 2013.  It is now December 20th, and I sent a polite reminder to him last week.  It was not responded to.
The time line starts early in 2011.  At the time Dale had recently posted a video or two of a large number of healthy super hot peppers in his nursery.  I made contact, long story short, I provided Dale a certified bank pepper loan of $ 5,000 top help him expand his business. 

What follows below is a summary of emails over the next 20 months to the present.  I will let the emails tell the story, word for word. First see the certified check made out to and cashed by him in March 2012.  I want to add that this was a no interest loan, you can't do better than that from any bank.
Before I get to the email history, I just wanted to mention that if Mr Bakers were strapped for cash, how could he take his spouse and two kids on vacation recently for two weeks ?  At best it would seem a poor business decision on his part.
Everything I stated here is true.  I have original emails with IP and Domain name trace if needed.
As you you can see, Mr Bakers has made excuses and a promise for partial payment of $ 1,000 on 12/15/13 which has not been kept.
I have been more than fair and patient in this matter.  The next step is up to you...  A man is only as good as his word, in the end nothing else matters.
Admins, please do not let this thread spin out of control, no flamers who cannot back their claims with times, dates and facts.
This is not about character assassination, it is about good business practice.

[SIZE=10pt]    I really appreciate this my friend...really! You have no idea how much it means to me that u will do this for me! Like i will take quite some time to get it back to you but it WILL get back to you over time :)[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt] [/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt]Dale E. Baker Jr[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt]3408 Colwell Ave[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt]Tampa, Fl 33614[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt] [/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt]I dont have a home phone as these days its more cost effective to have an unlmited data/calls/texts plan on my cell phone....[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt] [/SIZE]
          [SIZE=10pt]******************************************************************************************************************************************************[/SIZE]       [SIZE=10pt]8/13/12[/SIZE] [SIZE=10pt]Hey I stated to u at the time u did loan me the $5k I told u I
had no clue when I could even begin to repay you...and you werequite ok
with that at the time....I now am in a huge crisis with the USPS &UPS!
They owe me over $2k in insurance claims and i may not get it! But i had
to refund that money to my now my father is leaving
me! He backing it up and calling it quits! I can't run the place myself
and having to hire help when my bank account is in the negative is going
to be hard to do...the summer has SLOWED my crop speed WAY down to a
crawl! I am lowering prices to compete with others and I barely have any
inventory as it is due to the slow summers high heat...I told you that i
would get you the $$ back ASAP...could be a while I said...I remember
trying to be very clear I had no clue when i could start getting you
some back to you....and right now is not a good time at all....I hate to
say that...honestly I u truly were there for me when i needed
it...I'm sorry my pepper biz is starting so me...I need $$
very bad myself...I can't even pay this months electric bill...first
time that's happened here my dad says in 45 years....Im struggling
myself....and i don't know what to say.....I'm sorry Dave...I hoped u
wouldn't "need' it anytime soon like I tried to tell you at the time...I
feel horrible....[/SIZE]


[SIZE=10pt]Dale Jr[/SIZE]


I have been patient and as my next to last email to you states, I am simply requesting you repay the business loan I made to you on 3/36/2012. I put my hard earned money on you to help you succeed when you needed more equipment for your pepper business. It has been almost a year and a half since you cashed the check.  Not once have you contacted me by phone, text or email to settle this matter.  I have contacted you at least three times to try to negotiate payment and every time you have had excuses. The next step is up to you.
I hope you are a man of your word, because a man's reputation is like gold in the niche hot pepper business.
Dave Williams

[SIZE=10pt]Hey Dave....[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt]I wanted to say i have not been ducking u at all. I have been real busy working on peppers and having another child at the same time. I told u i have every intention of paying u back in full! December 15th i will send u a check for $1,000....its a start...i can make a payment every now and then but all at once just isnt realistic as i never have that type of $$ all at once....hope this helps...let me know :) [/SIZE]


That is a start, please send a bank check with the note section as follows:  payment $ 1,000 pepper business loan, balance due of $ 4,000, this will serve as our receipt.



That is a start, please send a bank check with the note section as follows:  payment $ 1,000 pepper business loan, balance due of $ 4,000, this will serve as our receipt.


Just a reminder you said above that you agreed to sending a bank check $ 1,000 (post marked ) by Dec 15th.   I hope you are a man of your word.

To all,
Let's keep this thread civil, if Bakers pays off the debt I will remove the thread right away.  I dont see how I can be more fair than that.  It would be good for his business reputation.  He knows that.
Please note:  I have updated the second 11/11/13 post above where Dale agreed to pay me $ 1,000 by 12/15/13.  I failed to post it in the original post.
".EVERY single one of my customers knows im no crook!!"

Since you're calling out your customers. Buddy from the moment our transaction went sour. I knew you were shady. Even your I'm sorry giveaway was filled with delays and drama
You continue to blame everyone else but yourself and then call them bashing your reputation.

You are a BUSINESS and not a backyard grower.

Pay the man.
And please don't try to lie with our traction because I have everything still on file

The Hot Pepper

You know, this is starting to bug me more and more. Dale borrows 5K and almost 2 years later none is paid back. Dale's excuse is because Rhody originally said he was in no hurry. So his excuse is really... because Rhody is a nice guy... so take advantage of him using his own words. Even the brokest of men would have sent their monthly beer money just to show good faith. Because everyone knows "no hurry" means the person is in no hurry to receive the entire amount. But when you don't send a dime in two years, that's a different story Dale. As Rhody reads your posts about how successful you are, and taking vacations. I guess to you "no hurry" means free money. Shit, you don't even have his address. And the only time you asked for it was here, when this was made public. Proof you never had plans to pay him! I'm glad this was made public. It shows who you really are Dale. Sorry but this really bothers me. You're a real piece of work. Please settle your debt. Make monthly payments until it is paid off. Not because that was the arrangement, but because that is how you repay someone who launched your business and was kind enough to not even ask for interest or have you sign an agreement. Because he thought you were an honest man with a passion. Boy was he wrong.
BakersPeppers said:
People putting my business out in the streets for ALL to see...
I have owned my own business for 20 years, and I have never been flogged. Why? Because I don't continuously fuck up and drama doesn't surround my every move. If people "put my business in the streets for all to see"... Go ahead, it would be great advertisement! You feel attacked, and "piled on". Well, that's what happens when someone in a community fucks up, just ask George Zimmerman or OJ Simpson or that nutty Canadian mayor how they felt.

As for the money, you keep saying "I told you up front i didn't know when I could pay you" that sounds to me like "laying the groundwork for a sham" and "maybe after a couple years he will forget I owe him the money". Dude, if you haven't had $5000 in two years, you you are in the wrong business and need a second or third job. Or lay off the vacations for awhile until you get caught up (we have all been there) or at least quit publicly bragging about how awesome you are.

So you moved and "lost his address"? Wow. I have moved about 6 times in the time I have been in business, and I keep my files organized and orderly, ESPECIALLY the contact information of people I may owe money to. It's not hard. Not to mention staying current with my license, insurance and bond. (STAMPS).

Pay the man. Soon!
I have found in my life that there is no way to lose a friend quicker than to loan them money.  This follows advice my dad gave me, "neither a lender nor a a borrower be".  Well, that advice is too late for Dave, but it never ceases to amaze me that someone who borrows money is nearly always angry when asked to repay.  Dale you have no right to be angry with Dave for putting this out there.  He gave you 18mths with no pestering about the money.  You made ZERO attempt to pay him ANYTHING back.  You have made multiple comments about him having to contact you to give you the address.  Why have you not tried to contact HIM to get it?  I will tell you why, it is just an excuse to not pay.  You and your "partner" keep making mention of people attacking you and witch hunts etc.  Well pal, this a community.  You have been part of it for a while, you know we watch out for each other.  I tell you something else, we are also very forgiving, and love the comeback.  Pay your debts, take care of your customers and you will see how things will change.  We love to praise people for doing the right thing.  If you choose not to, this will follow you forever.  Please do not continue to take advantage of the kindness of Dave Williams.  Thank you, and do the right thing.
I do not know Rhody, never spoke to him. Regardless of how many times I change physical residences, I can still contact him here at THP. I am not the most computer-savvy member here, but I know that if I type "Rhody'" into a search I will get results. I would then click "send me a message" and it would mysteriously send a message from me to Rhody. Thus, if I wanted to contact Rhody, I could do so at any time, regardless of whether or not I had (or lost) his physical address.

The Hot Pepper

I looked it up armac.
pile-on n. A pile-on is when repeated negative actions by a forum member make it appear as if reacting members are piling on, when in fact, they are fed up with the actions, and there are so many actions, it appears as a pile-on as more members become aware and respond. The wrongdoer will often use the term pile-on to try to cast blame on the members. This term is a misnomer. There is no pile-on. Please see: Accountability
ItBurns said:
So Rhody, any word on the payment keep us informed. We will do what we can here to see that things are made right for you!
My bet? No post = obviously no payment. He said he'd close the thread and do nice things if he was paid back and those definitely aren't up on the forum.
My next bet? Dale will not pay. You can tell a lot about a person by the way they write. RIGHT!?!?! HOLY SIZZLIN SAL-U-TATIONS! I'd NEVER LIE. Flamboyancy is your first clue. Aside from that, I learned the hard way about lending mula to a friend who apparently desperately needed it. Empty promises left, right, and center. That's what the users do. And they sneak in things to help them out in the future when the questions come like "I don't know when but I will!". It's disgusting.
I lend only what I intend to donate now. If I see it back, great, now a friendship has been nicely reinforced. I never expect it anymore.. sans contract.
KiNGDeNNiZ said:
Indeed otherwise we shall ensure that he goes out of business and you can sue
One could hope, but I doubt it. If he feared for his business he would have started paying back. He would have used his fun money. He would have bought the kraft dinner and hot dogs and sucked up his pride for a few months if money actually was a factor. He would cherish the money the THP forum sends his way and fix things properly. But he doesn't.
My third bet, Dale is doing fine, just enough to be comfortable and not have "extra". I wonder how his Christmas was and what he bought his wife if he has one. I think there's something in him that doesn't want himself to do better. Meh. It's common and a shame. And people suffer in his wake. But that's life and we all take hits from the shitty rainclouds. Emotionally and financially.
At least with the internet as it is we can help each other dodge such train wrecks, so I say thanks to Rhody and the rest who post their experiences that in turn save the rest of us from dealing with the BS.
Rhody, I'm sorry for your loss.
His buisness will go under one day. That's inevitable when you treat your customers like dirt. I feel bad for his wife and kids if it ends up affecting them. I don't feel bad for him at all though.


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Very sorry that you've been forced into this kind of position Rhody.  5K is a steep price to pay for a lesson such as this, and in sharing I hope others will avoid your fate.  I do also hope that the knowledge you received along the way was some form of recoupment (or will be in time).  
I will also add that I do hope this situation does indeed get taken care of.  Further I will pledge to order from Baker's Peppers once it is.  I believe in redemption and think this can still be resolved to everyone's satisfaction despite current rancor.  Establish good communication, arrange a livable payment schedule for all involved and then follow through.  
Do not dwell on the embarrassment of the situation.  Instead seize the opportunity to make things right.
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