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contest Best Pepp-o'-lantern announced on Halloween! πŸŒΆπŸŽƒ

The Hot Pepper

Use any hot pepper, home grown or store bought, to create a pepp-o'lantern! (One entry per post please! Multiple pics are allowed.)
  • Must be a hot pepper (chili pepper).
  • Must be carved into a pepp-o'-lantern.
  • Must somehow be illuminated (if not part of a meal*).
  • One pepp-o'-lantern per post but can post multiple pics of said pepp-o'-lantern.
  • Set dressing (food, decoration) allowed in pics as long as you only show one pepp-o'-lantern.
  • *Recipes welcome if you want to do stuffed "hot" peppers with them, in this case they do not need to be illuminated and you can show multiple as long as you choose one for the entry in a close-up.
  • Must be made for this contest, no old pics!

That's a pepp-o'-lantern by @Hammer Town from last year's SpOokiest Pod contest. This year, pepp-o'-lanterns are the focus!

Best pepp-o'-lantern by number of upvotes wins! You may like, love etc. but don't forget to upvote the post (arrow) to vote!

Winner announced at noon EDT on Halloween.
Winner receives:
Extreme membership or renewal. πŸ‘»
And the last contest of the year is now open: