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chinense Bhut Jolokia's

does anyone have any resources for getting FRESH Bhut Jolokia Peppers?? I found several suppliers of powders but I need fresh.

Here's the deal......we are almost ready to begin commercial production and I want to come out with our HOTTEST sauce we have every formulated. I need fresh peppers for texture and coloring of the sauce..The contrast of color between useing fresh, powdered, and dried Jolokias is HUGE!!!!!!

I have about 15 lbs that I grew this past season that are being used (very quickly) for trial and error but I will need a large quantity when we do the commercial batch.
I may have to talk to a few local growers and contract with them to grow the peppers for me....I can supply the seeds if they can supply the room for them.....
This really SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I need fresh Bhut Jolokias and I can't find them (not that I can afford) I talked to one guy who wants $9.99 for 3 friggin peppers and I need POUNDS not 3.......

The sauce I developed....It is not a recipe it's a formulation.......just something about hhhmmmmm uuummmmmmm "brewing" (the best I can describe it) up a hot sauce in a "science lab" instead of a kitchen....is friggin HOT quite possibly one of the HOTTEST NO EXTRACT ADDED sauces around!! The unique "cooking process" worked out awesome!!! This sauce will be "small batch" only as the cooker can only hold about 1.5 - 2 gallons at a time (until Iget a larger apparatice)and the fact that I cannot find FRESH Bhut Jolokia in quantity for sale may mean that this sauce may stay small batch "collectors style" (but not with collector price) seasonal Hot Sauce.
Sound great dyce, I would like to hear about your process of making this sauce in more detail. 9.99 for three wow. Wish i could try your sauce when you finish. Good luck with everything!
Probably NOT what you want to hear, but- If you wanted massive quantities of Bhut's, you should have started searching for a supplier last winter. If you're interested in securing enough peppers for next fall, this would be a good time to start looking.
I have 2 questions for you to think about for next years peppers.
1. Are you willing to sign a contract establishing a price and quantity today?
2. Are you willing to put up a retainer, or make a partial (non-refundable) partial payment today?
Right now I have a limited amount of money on hand to buy supplies so I cannot afford to post a retainer on an order at this time. I am waiting to hear from a local farm about "renting" a portion of one of his fields to plant my own Bhut Jolokia plants I can supply my own seeds...I've got lots and lots.... or instead of growing all the different peppers I gro I may go with strictly Bhut Jolokia to fill my needs.......
Noshownate said:
Sound great dyce, I would like to hear about your process of making this sauce in more detail. 9.99 for three wow. Wish i could try your sauce when you finish. Good luck with everything!

The main reason for wanting fresh peppers is the outstanding color!!!!!!!!!

The cooking process I am useing, as far as I know, is not being used to make any other sauces at this time. The equipment is not cheap and is not generally used in the kitchen or even for hot peppers LOL...but the process really works well to make the flavors POP and the heat to be extrordinary! All the flavors just mesh together and accent each other perfectly where you can taste the oakiness from the "special vinegar" I'm useing and the honey flavor adds a nice smoothness to it.

I cooked the sauce the first time normal way and it turned out ok HOT but just OK in the flavor department. Then I got the hairbrain idea to use this other method and although it does add several hours of low temp cooking "brewing"....it is well worth it. The cooking process made all the flavors come to life and actually ramped the heat up big time!! Where it is noticablly hotter than the original.

Right now I only have 6 ounces finished. I am also toying with the idea of ageing the sauce to see what I can come up with.
I'd be more than happy to grow some for you next year if we get moved in in time. I am going from an apartment to a whole lot of yard :)


Hey Dyce we`ll be growing about 4 acres next yr.I bet we could fit a few in for you.let me know if we can help.
thanks for the offers.....If I don't hear back from the local farmer or if he says no I will be in contact with you guys! Thanks again!!

I think this year I will just have some samples here to send for "sampleing" and kindof a pre-release review ......I found some neat lil 2 ouncers that will be great for samples....
How many pounds do you need? I have a small farm and may be willing to fill your needs If you can supply seeds (or I can find them cheap enough) and you buy enough. Would a 1/4 acre of bhuts be enough? Let me know I have loads experience growing peppers and land to match.


Beautiful farm macman, what are those black things on the poles?

Looks like some sort of spray/droplet irrigation. Pretty nice!

Oh Dyce, you can buy paste and such pretty much year-round, but from places like Frontal Agritech it may not be in the right price range.

Fine natural paste (without concentration) of the chilli is packed in 1 kg pouches. No chemicals are added.


Here's one that sells smaller quantities also. (they may well be a reseller)

http://www.greencover.org/Spices/King Chilli.html

10Kg = 184.31

Some other sources won't sell less than 100 kilos of it at a time. :shocked:
Good look finding them. I tried also a few months ago and couldn't find any either. A lot of growers are alredy contracted to sell their crop to the larger "sauce and powder makers" so the little guy doesn't get any.

If your looking for a certain color just get a lot of food coloring and use the powder.
Thanks alot Quad....I think I'm gonna order 1kg of the paste to see what it's like....color, flavor, heat etc....


YW man, i know some members have ordered the powder from Frontal..it's the real deal. In fact, your Bhut seeds may well be from Frontal originally too... ;)