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Biquinho / Chupetinho

I have 2 Biquinho plants started from Baker Creek seeds.  They have been in the top 2 of my varieties for most resilient and tolerant to my mistakes, wind, cold nights, etc.  That has made me a bit more interested in them, and from a little google searching and on here I have read different things about Biquinho and Chupetinho being the same pepper, some say different just one is hot the other isn't.  Also some had the tear drop shape and others did not.  Has anyone here grown either and have first hand experience or pics?  What was your seed source or any other details?
This is my first attempt at pics so bear with me, I'll get it eventually!
Seed started beginning of February and has endured tons of high wind this month.  It has been in this 10 gallon pot for about a week now and is starting to stretch out.

I'm growing Chupetinho peppers from Cross Country Nurseries this year and really looking forward to them. My plant is pretty small but absolutely loading up with pods at the moment. The first few definitely have that teardrop shape:

On CCN's website they are listed as "medium" heat. http://www.chileplants.com/search.aspx?ProductCode=CHICHU
They look an awful lot like these "sweety drop" peppers I got at the store. These ones have that same pod shape, are the same size but have absolutely zero heat:

I assume these are the Biquinhos or something. The label didn't say what type of peppers.
Biquinho aka pimenta de bico has no heat. That's what's in the sweety drops. popular in Brazil.

Chupe is not that popular and has some heat. Same as Santa Rosa blanco.

Seed sources name stuff wrong all the time especially if they got the variety second or third hand from a friend.

Grass Snake

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Very interesting, I love the no heat varietys and brazil seems to have a bunch. I tried to start a Brazilian Starfish but that seedling never took off while my other did. Maybe Biquinho need to be on my list.
I purchased two Chupetinho peppers from Cross Country Nurseries as well. Mine are slowly coming along. Still little guys but I can't complain since I didn't get them until May 28th or something like that. ;)