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Black hot sauce

Been tossing around this idea but finding ingredients to keep it as dark as possible without roasting anything. Although some charred onion sounds great.
This led me to think of what pepper would yield the closest color. Well i grow aji panca and the paste you can buy is really dark brown. Its not all that spicy but the flavor rocks. I might just have a small surplus of NICE pods soon too.
Black Garlic, now this stuff is black as coal and the flavor is great....Got a pound coming soon of top shelf 120day aged and some 90day ive been sampling that is really good too.
Molasses for sweetness and color. Other thought is Jamaican burnt sugar. Im leaning towards the molasses or molasses with a little maple syrup.
Black Vinegar. Ive got a great 5yr Chinese black vinegar i can get locally. Its not a rice vinegar though. Maybe a little of it and some red cane to balance it out a little.
Not going too intense with the spices but im thinking of some thyme sounds good.
Heat wont be real high. A couple big brown bhuts and round it out with a Reaper or two. Thats for 2-3 woozies worth of sauce.
Just enough alder wood smoked salt so you get a slight smokey hint.
black garlic for sure, that stuff rocks, it's delicious, healthy, and adds deep flavor.
how about black carrot juice  or black carrots if you can find them at specialty produce store or something
while more purple than black they still make a really DARK juice.
I had a similar idea to make a black hot sauce before as well, but never went through with it
I had planned to use mostly dark chocolate colored pods, and Yaki Blue at the still more purple then fully ripe maroon stage

experiment and post your results. I will be following along for more ideas  :cheers:


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Aka....cuttlefish ink.

Blackened aubergine
Roasted blackened red onion
Roasted with black walnut oil
Black cherry juice
Black pepper
Prune juice

And some of the other ingredients listed above. I made a specialty sauce with a lot of these ingredients. It was Black! Hot as hell and actually tasted good.
ShowMeDaSauce said:
Never thought of the squid ink but my specialty market might have it.
A well stocked authentic Italian grocery would have it.
You can find on amazon.
Big boost of Umami as well.
Usually, cuttlefish ink the glass jars are the best quality.
I can't believe I forgot about black currant
until just this morning while thinking about this thread 
 While not always available, and somewhat difficult to acquire without picking your own, 100% juice is readily available and easy enough to use for small batch experimentation.
I will continue pondering this, and following this thread for more ideas   :idea:
The more i think about the tamarind chutney ive had at a couple places the more interesting it sounds as another test also. Something very very similar to the typical tamarind chutney but with a dried super or two added. More of a dip and less of a typical hot sauce. Add some dried fig or dates? Really sweet, sour and a nice little kick to it.


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Here's what it looked like in the blender.  Cant find a picture of the finished bottle, I'll have to dig them out and post a picture, they were pretty cool....
3 Aji Panca deseeded
3 Big Brown Bhuts half ass deseeded
1 Dragons Breath half ass deseeded
3 Tbs Minced red shallot.
2 Tbs PickaPeppa
2 Tsp Maple Syrup
1 Tsp Molasses
2 fancy cloves crushed
3 All Spice crushed
Pinch of thyme from the garden
Dash of ginga powda
1/2 Tsp sea salt.....might have black salt...need to look
2/3 cup Water
1/3 Cup Red cane vinegar

Added 3 pealed black garlic cloves at the very end to minimize cooking it as much and kill the heat.

Allow to cool, blend and set in the fridge for a few days.
Adjust acidity with Chinese Shanxi (Shuita brand) black vinegar.
Blend again, strain and bottle.

Come up with a name
And yeah it seems pretty hot but the sweetness fools you for a moment. Its not cooled or blended yet. Just got done with a pretty hard simmer to get it all nice and soft.