Blowing off steam

Hey guys, I hope I'm not bothering anyone, just thought blowing off some steam as I've had a tough time lately. It started with me hating what I do, so I switched jobs. Then I had some personal problems that led me to financial problems. Then I got seriously hurt which prevented me from doing my job, and like that's not enough, the doctors found some other things wrong with me that might get me laid off if I don't fully recover (which is a miracle). My superior commander is on a mission of getting rid of me as it is, and that sucks because this is the best job I've ever had. My dad had health problems for ages, but now it's getting seriously worse. Both of my parents are acting like idiots most of the time and we don't speak much to each other. On top of that I've been having some bad social experience lately due to my special circumstances. Basically I'm injured, sick, broke and lonely, with endless personal issues and on my way to become unemployed. This, my friends, is possibly the worst I've ever been in. now I'm not going to just whine of how bad it is, I'm also thinking of ways to get out of this bad place. First I'm doing all I can to get better, even though I will only start rehabilitation months from now. Due to the special nature of my unit, we work with many similar units from different corps, arms and even different countries. As of now I've got a job offering from every sister-unit in the IDF (not that there are much, but yes) and they are all offering at least twice as much pay. With my ranks I can only do so many jobs, so I'll probably do the same I do here, elsewhere. I even got a job offering from a different type of unit which is basically one of a kind in the IDF, so that's interesting and I'll consider it. I'll do my best having some more "me time" and try to save my non-existent personal life. Even my plants started dying off since I can't really take care of them the right way lately. I can't really make health issues go away, so I'll just pray it'll get better. Even though it's hard for me, I'll try to get better along with the folks. The rest of the problems will eventually go away (I hope), so that's ok. To sum it all up, I currently hate my life, but will do all in my power to fix it.

Thanks for listening. problem brother...I think that we have all had bad times in our lives and I know that in the mist of things, it is hard to see that it will all work out. Looking back on the bad times that I have endured, I can now see that they really made me the man that I am today. Hang in there and I'm sure things will work out however they are meant to and you will emerge a better and stronger man. If you ever need to vent, you don't need to feel that you are wasting anyone's time here and if you want to vent privately, feel free to give me a shout through a PM. I hope things start turning around for you soon, I know how difficult it is going through times like this.


Yeah, shit happens...but it's only a phase until the other shit happens. ;)

Ya be aite mate...your young yet, have a lot of skills, and ya have this motley crew. :D

Best wishes on recovery, and keep da faith mang.
Sorry to hear you're in rough waters, bro.

Also, I'm kinda leery about you having no personal life. We've all seen your avatars. If I was a chick I'd be all over you like white on rice. :hell:
Thanks guys, it means a lot. :)

Skydiver said:
Sorry to hear you're in rough waters, bro.

Also, I'm kinda leery about you having no personal life. We've all seen your avatars. If I was a chick I'd be all over you like white on rice. :hell:
Thanks, I guess... :oops:
It's more of a "have no time" thingy. :lol:
Ummm don't exactly know how to follow that Skydiver :shocked:

Ok, Omri hopefully this is the lowpoint and it will only get better from here. When things go bad it is hard to imagine good times, but they are right there over the horizon for you. Keep you chin up.
I wish you the best OMRI. You can do what ever you want, just have to work for it.

Skydiver there's something not quite right about you.;)

The Hot Pepper

Don't let it get you down (sounds like you won't) and just log on here when you need cheering up. We'll take care of that :lol: said:
Don't let it get you down (sounds like you won't) and just log on here when you need cheering up. We'll take care of that :lol:

Yep ;) for instance, just check out THP Visitor Messages and see what type of shirts he wears around the house. That will cheer you right up....:rofl:
Hey Omri,

Sounds like you have (or are about to) taken steps to improve your situation!

You've identified the problems, sought realistic, achievable solutions to them and currently working through the low point.

Best of luck,

Omri just look at this thread. Dude you have people from all over the world backing you and wanting to see you succeed. I'm a newbie, but I have enjoyed reading your posts and hope you are about to come upon some good times. Nothing's ever so dark and dreary that the light of hope can't be seen. You have alot of "lights" here that love ya. Head up. We are all here when you need us.
It's a strong man to take and vent. I respect you for that and I know you will get through it all. You are so determined as it has come through in your words. I'm eager to watch you progress!!!
Omri, are not alone in life struggle's
We all come up upon some overwhelming shit...

Look at it like this...Is your present situation going to kill you???...No

Does it suck...Yes

But you will be a better man for it...and end up coming out ahead w/experience...

It may that one day someone is stuck in a similar situation and needs your advice...and are lucky to have that direction


Sorry to hear about your rough times. Looks like it is time to take a much-deserved vacation to see your PI-based "brother". ;)
Alright i wasn't going to say it but i will.

"If there is a problem you have and you can do something about it, do it. If you can't do anything about it then thats it, leave it".

Best wishes with all the shite Omri.