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baking Blue Corn Meal Cornbread ?

I want to make a Mexican style corn bread using Blue corn meal and buttermilk.You know .. creamed corn , green chills , etc.Does anyone here a "Tried Recipe" they love for this ? I've done my internet searches already and copied those. But the last time I tried this I wasn't happy . I choose what sounded the best .. but it was thin .. heavy and not at all what I wanted ... I want it be think , light , fluffy , and tasty !!

Thanks & Peace,
I just made some blue cornbread this past weekend and it turned out pretty decent. I just used a regular southern cornbread recipe and switched yellow cornmeal for blue.

I'll have to see if I can find the recipe I used. It didn't call for creamed corn but it did call for buttermilk & a cast iron skillet with bacon grease pre-heated in the oven which are two sure signs of a good cornbread recipe.

I'm interested to see what this thread turns up cause I still have enough cornmeal for another batch.

I think you would need to cut the blue cornmeal with some yellow. Maybe use some of the hot rise mix and add the blue cornmeal to that. Blue cornmeal doesn't act the same as yellow, kind of like trying to use whole wheat flour instead of regular all purpose flour, it doesn't turn out the same.
When using blue cornmeal I get the best results by mixing it 50/50 with Martha White's white cornmeal. I don't think you'll get anything approaching the "fluffy" description using 100% blue. Try 50/50 with meal of choice with plenty of bacon as the base, buttermilk and what ever else strikes your fancy. :)
If you make cornbread you already know this, but I usually make mine in my cast iron and get it good and hot and butter it just before pouring in the mixture and popping it into the oven. To me, this makes a big difference.
I render some chopped bacon, pour a little of the bacon grease in the cast iron skillets, put them in the oven and set it to preheat while I'm mixing the rest along with the bacon or cracklin's if ya got 'em. Hot cast iron, the original and still the best non stick pan. ;)
Yes JayT I always use cast iron for cornbread .... other wise me dear old great Granny would claw her way outta' the ground and beat me pon' my head !! Hard !!

Silver_Sufer ... that's pretty much what I do. But I cook de bacon ... then chop it .

Normally my yellow cornbread turns out super. No problems even if I decide to toss in extras . But I start with a store bought mix. Really I use two ... we like cornbread a lot ! When I tried the blue cornbread it was pretty much a fail. It tasted ok but was thin and heavy. It took away from my food high !! I've tossed things in my mind and figure it could be several things. I know baking has more science involved than "cooking " . You can Jam & ad-lid with cooking. Not so much with baking. If you ever made bread and added more yeast the recipe thinking it would make it lighter ..... you learned that WAS WRONG thing.

The recipes I found on my search all used a mix of white wheat flour and blue cornmeal ( just like yellow ) ... but the measurement on baking powder went from 1 teaspoon to 2 tablespoons baking powder ... That's a lot . Also none called for buttermilk ....

Another thing ... all I found for blue corn meal was from a health food store. They called it "meal" but it more's like a flour. Very fine ...

I'll give it a try tomorrow .....

Thanks & Peace

Hey Tex .... did your's look like "meal" or flour ? I ask because I know Austin is jammed with health food natural type places.
I cut my bacon used in cooking from frozen blocks of bacon ends, but either way it's BACON!!! :)

I use this medium grind cornmeal. It adds a nice texture to the bread and I prefer white to yellow for the other meal.

Two things that never go into my cornbread, flour or sugar. :P
Hmmm ... get the heavier grind ... make's it Homey . Like that texture ... I don't know white cornmeal, never used it. And you don't use any white flour ??

Can you give out a recipe that is sorta' close to your's so you don't have to kill all of us. But a recipe with proper measurements and all the ingredients ?
Nope, no flour in cornbread. Running low on buttermilk, but will get some soon and make a batch and try and get something resembling measurements of ingredients.
Thanks .... SS but wait here's what I did so maybe I'm ok . It looks good , won't know 'till later if it tastes as good as it looks . It's looks like it should be fluffy and light. I'll take another photo after I cut it later today ....



SS the texture was closer to what I was looking for. Maybe I can find a coarser grind sometime, that should help. It didn't look very blue .