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hot-sauce bluemeanitsi's Tropical Fire Hot Sauce

A few days back, there was an offer from bluemeanitisi that said he would send a bottle of hot sauce to the first three responders for free. I was lucky enough to get into the thread, and get a bottle sent.

Here's the link to the thread he started with the offer: http://thehotpepper....st-of-shipping/

I'm no reviewer, but he asked for anyone that tried it, to give him one. And since he paid to send the sauce, I figured the least I could do was give him a little feedback.
It was a wonderful surprise. I would buy this in a heartbeat.

Here's my thoughts of it as I tasted it.

Cheers blue! Great job you did on this one!
Very good review! I hadn't thought about eggs or a hot dog, but you are right on. What I did think about was slathering it on a grilled pork loin. Absolutely agree that it is user friendly. I gave some on a toothpick to the wife and she actually asked for some more for her meal, but wasn't quite ready to eat a spoonful. I think your heat rating is correct. This is a wonderful sauce!!
Nice review - sauce sounds tasty!

I like the care you put into the description & that you gave the heat a scovie guestimate rather than a 1-10 rating.

you should do more of reviews. :cheers:
I'm at work so I'll have to wait a few hours to watch the video but I'm really glad you liked it! Thank you for the positive comments I can't wait to watch the video :)
Finally got to watch the video, again THANKS for a review! Glad to hear it rates up there with your other sauces :) It's not something that is super hot I like a nice heat but something that doesn't kill the flavor with too much heat.

Can't wait to hear what others have thought and looking forward to sending out some of my other flavors in the future too.