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Book Review Thread

.I havent seen any book reviews at THP, so I thought i would start a thread.  Please add yours. Here is my first.

Seed to Seed by Suzanne Ashworth and others
The book is both an introduction and advanced reading for seed savers.  Contains not only advice but methods you might not have thought about.  Its all in a very laid back tone, not over the top technical.  This book nearly completely changed not only how I grow, but how I make seed purchases.  I read it long before our farm started to focus on peppers.

Before my wife purchased this book for me, we would buy new seed stock each year.  My previous attempts at seed saving rendered things like our cucalope.  That is what happens when you grow cucumbers next to cantaloupe without any form of barrier protection.  At the time of reading it, I was sure there was much more to seed saving than there really is.

Seed saving might not for everyone.  Now that almost anything you would want to grow can be purchased, there might not be as much need.  Lets face it, I think its Burpee that sells the Mortgage Lifter tomato.  Back in the day, that was something you could only get by trading or seed libraries.  So unless you are growing a great many of the same plant, seed saving might not seem like the route for you to go.  But if you are a cheap bastard like me, you dont want to buy new seed each year for the things you grow over and over again.  Maybe your favorite corn.  Also, who knows how your favorite type of water melon will turn out next year if you dont use the same dna.

So I highly recommend this book.  Here is the Amazon link;

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