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Boostdemon's 2015 Garden - North Carolina

Year 3 of trying to yield some good produce from the back yard gardens. I did a massive pile of super hots last year and was giving them away as fast as I could but still ended up tossing a lot of pods simply because i didn't have any good use for them. This years goal was a lot more variety and flavors that could be used in the kitchen and as gifts for non-chilihead family and friends. So heres what I've got going on this year (and where i got the seeds): 
New guys for the 12x5 compost filled bed: 
Jalapeno (Juanitos)
Piment D'Espelette (MarcV)
White Bullet Habanero (Juanitos)
Chocolate Habanero (Juanitos)
Aji Lemon Drop (Wicked Mike)
Venezuelan Tiger (Wicked Mike)
Corno Di Toro Giallo (Wicked Mike)
Aleppo (Wicked Mike)
Maras Biber (Wicked Mike)
Pepperoncini (Phil)
These two are do-overs but should be filling in the last 2 spots in the main bed:
Wiri-Wiri (Wicked Mike)
Friggitello (Phil)
Side garden
Red Bhut Jolokia  (3yr old)
Yellow Devil's Tongue (3yr old)
2x Pepperoncini's (Phil)
Seedlings January 14th 2015: 

Some plants that were started in September that I tried to overwinter... they actually turned leathery and didn't make it.

Thanks to Maiden, I added this meat eater to the winter grow shelf to help with any flies... it did a great job actually: 

I had an over watering problem that caused the first round of Wiri-Wiri to simply stop growing past this stage for like 2 months.

The rest of the guys got dried out and transplanted into some fresh potting mix that was 11lbs of coconut coir, about 1/2 a bag of Perlite, 5lbs of sand, and a bin full of compost: 

They responded well. And after about 4 weeks of growth they moved outside for some hardening off on the back porch before it got too hot: 



The walkway/side garden with the two 3yr old overwintered plants and 2 perpperoncini's... the other bin had garlic and eventually there will be carrots and squash sprouts. Both definitely need some new walls.

Off in the distance in full sun is the 12'x5ish' raised bed that was home to way too many plants last year... this year i think this will be much more productive: 

Some pepperoncinis already developing after only a week in the dirt: 

Some tiger lilies about to explode in another week or so, theres a couple hibiscus in here and a rose as well. I will likely put a couple more peppers in here to add some color: 

Some other fun stuff around the back yard: 
foxglove year 3:


Some overflowing thyme: 
you're going to love those venezuelan tigers. I like them so much i have 2 plants. Just cooked some about 15 minutes ago stuffed with chèvre whipped with honey. Props to wicked mike both for the plants and recipe
Yeah Mike was adamant about planting some because he loved them the most. I like the cheese and honey idea. My wife does peppadews and goat cheese all the time.
Side garden progress.. plenty of pods on the Yellow Devils Tongue, nothing yet on the Red Bhut Jolokia behind it but lots of Pepperoncini's to the right side:

Slowly getting rid of the left overs: 

Anyone know what flower this is? Definitely comes up in this window box every year. No clue

trying to fill this area in so i added a "Bountiful Blue" blueberry bush and a Nanho Blue butterfly bush on either side of the cut-back azalea:

filling in this area too... added a Tuscan blue rosemary clump just under the thyme and some purple hyssop

And the main pepper bed getting ready to add the soaker hose and top mulch. Things are progressing well in the last couple weeks.

one of my problem plants that is very needy.. the last one on the end, a Corno Di Toro Giallo that likes to roll its leaves over for some reason.

and this little Drosera Dielsiana (Sundew) that loves being outside and eating up all the bugs: 

Added another blueberry. this one is a Woodard. I did not read the size on it at the nursery and apparently it needs 15'Hx10'W so i stuck it in the back corner of the yard!

thanks dude, not quite as epic as yours though! 
Hopefully things start filling out and things will look less barren by the time i get back from Italy.