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pod bought chocolate bhutlah seeds, this is what came out


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Looks more toward the Douglah shape that the Bhut shape.  I see the classic frilly leaf edges typical to Bhuts, though.  It may be a slight genetic variation/instability or it could be that the early pods look different that the later ones will, as is sometimes the case.  I'd lean toward some genetic variation in an actual Douglah x Bhut cross, but that's mostly a guess with the limited current info.  It's possible the seeds could have been hybridized if the parent wasn't isolated, but since the brown pepper and frilly leaf traits are recessive - and some other features seem to support the ID - I kinda doubt that.
dragonsfire said:
Bigger pic would be better.
Here Ya go DF!

BarrelGriser said:
hi guys, bought and started from seeds, but this doesn't look like any of the bhutlah