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flavor Bourbon Hot Sauce?

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If you've never made a sauce before you should probably shy away from it. Or maybe not. You need to tell us more. What kind of sauce are you making? What do you plan to use it on?
Honestly, I really dont know yet what I'm going to make. That pinapple/scorpion recipe on this forum sounds amazing. Ive got habaneros, goats, jalapenos, and Im about to harvest some jolokia white longs here soon. Ive got a few different types of bourbon and was wondering what dumping some Weller in the batch would do to it; just looking for experiences. As far as what it goes on, everything... I'm running low on sauces at the moment so I've been throwing habaneros in pretty much everything that I've been cooking lately. Habanero clam sauce is my new favorite thing..

The Hot Pepper

Bourbon is going to impart the flavors of bourbon. But a lot will also get lost. Those notes are subtle. So think to yourself. Why do I like this bourbon? Oh, I get hints of vanilla, and smoke. That doesn't mean dumping bourbon in it will actually achieve that. You could use a good Madagascar vanilla and chipotle for example and get those notes and be able to control it better since they are stronger and independent. It's all in the cheffing man. Good luck!
I've made a sauce with brandy braised peaches before but never bourbon. Boss man is correct, that I lost flavor. Maybe I didn't use enough but my hindsight says that's not really the flavor profile I was looking for anyway.
I did a rum poached banana and scotch bonnet sauce that I personally love. Although to be fair, it was more of a mash/relish than it was a sauce. 
I'm not sure how I would feel about a super fruity pepper mix and bourbon. I feel like I would reserve the bourbon for a roasted/smoked sauce but that's just me. 
What else had you planned on putting in there with it?
salsalady said:
Sheesh, now i want to buy a bunch of bourbons for the purpose of making a sauce....


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I've used rum in a scotch bonnet sauce. Flavors were overpowered by the sauce itself. Seemed like a waste IMO. As stated above Bourbons flavors are very subtle. And, with anything culinary you want to cook with something that tastes good to you. You're not going to want to buy the cheapest thing on the shelf. You buy terrible whiskey you're just putting terrible whiskey into your sauce. Do you really want to spend that kind of money making a hot sauce?