shipping Boxes for a case of 12?

Hi! We received our first order from a store (woooo!) for a case of two of our sauces.

We do not use a copacker and I am really struggling to find where to buy boxes to fit 12-5oz bottles that aren’t in bulk.

We ordered our woozy bottles in boxes of 48 or else I would reuse those. I tried searching through THP but the box related threads referred to gift boxes to be sent directly to consumers. I’m hoping someone might be able to send me a link or dimensions to a box and dividers - everything I search online just pulls up wine glass boxes or different dimensions than what I Google. It’s a bit frustrating 😅
Thank you in advance!
SDPC~ welcome to thp!

Look into GOOD QUALITY bubble wrap. Since you are looking at 24 5oz woozies, those will likely fit in a LFRB, or a slightly larger box with priority USPS.

Bulk rolls of bubble wrap are available from Uline and other online sources, look at office supply sources and packaging sources.

5oz are shorter than the 12" standard perf bubble wraps. When packing 5 oz bottles, i wrap the bottle and scissor cut off the top excess. I use 2x12" wrap for each bottle. Have not had any breakage. I can use the excess cut off for other packaging.

For additional convenience when packing, you can wrap the bottle with bubble and snap a rubber band around the bubble to keep in place.

Hope this helps...
Good luck and have fun!
Ps- this is the first i have heard of 48ct boxes. Interesting.
Here you go. Protective and presentable as well. Made for hot sauce, 6, so just multiply.
If you have extra labels take one from each sauce and stick on the front panel or top. Pro look!