bottles-jars Boxes to pack 5 oz Woozy Bottles

Hello to all,

I am very new to the HOT SAUCE home manufacturing.
I give the bottles to customers and friends as a Crhistmas present and yes I am also trying to sell them.
I have 3 different sauces but don't know where to buy the boxes to package it for the gift.
I have always used paper bag to put 3 but in all honesty it is crapy.
I see a lot of sauces with boxes , but when I look on the web I just can't find them. Can anyone help me please?
I need boxes for 5oz bottle for 3 bottles or for 1 also.
Thank you and sorry to bother you,
i dont know right off hand for the boxes but if you check with the people that sell the 5.0z bottles they should be able to assist you or give some leads..
another thing you could do is go to the fireyfoods festival in albq. they have it in march i think.. i went for 4 yrs when i lived there.. they have 5 days of trade show info.. then 3 days of open to the public time.. every possible hot food item.. I may go this year and should have some input whan i get back ..

Here is a few resources.. one of them should have your answer..


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Hi Gordito,
:welcome: to THP.

You really should not sell sauces unless you are properly licensed and insured. There's just too much risk to you if some thing isn't right.

If you want to send free bottles to friends and family for Christmas, U-Line has many boxes, and many sauce makers use the small Flat Rate Boxes through USPS. I think you can fit 3 5oz woozies into a SFRB. Some also use padded 1/2-size envelopes (4"x5.5"?) for one or 2 bottles.

If you are looking for a custom made tag-board box that's printed etc...(like these...) for your specific sauce....that's waaaayyyy out there for promotional material. Get legal first, then worry about marketing.